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is jackie o preggers? Lock Rss

is hse or is it just the dress

24 year old mum to 2 beautiful girls

im thinking its just the dress, isnt it awful?? lol
its a horrible dress! does make her loks preggers tho! i thougt the same thing when i saw it!
what about that young chick with the massive boobs!! yep they are big but surely there is some piece of clothing out there that covers them! no wonder people look they're about to fall out!!
It's probably the dress but did you notice when she did a segment in a different dress it was the same sort of style.....the plot thickens LOL


yea i did she that in the purpley one she looked a bit thick around the waist.. hasnt she just lost 8 kilos or something exercising with the trainer of the biggest loser?

24 year old mum to 2 beautiful girls

I read somewhere she has been trying for awhile to get pregnant- so maybe(hopefully) she is!
She's trying for a baby so maybe she's been successful!!!

To be honest didn't take much notice of her or Kyle, mind you Kyle looks like he's due any day now LOL.

Hmmmmm not sure how to ask this without sounding like a biatch so I will just come right out with it.

What do we all think of the young blonde girl. Call me a judgmental cow but I just have to say I am amazed she can walk and breath at the same time, don't think there is a lot going on upstairs there.
i agree completely about young blondie, she is as ditzy as they come!
[Edited on 28/04/2008]
brigget? yeah you can almost hear the crickets when she's thinking, she reminds me of Katie - I think she was in last year?

Hows the voice on that guy???? I kept thinking surely he can't be for real lol!!

ok now at the risk of sounding like a b!tch myself, but is it just me that finds the "little person" belly dancing a bit freaky.
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