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hello ladies

does n e one know where to get nice christening invites bought or made? i am in sydney so pref. in syd or maybe even online some where.. also need some nice bomboneire? any ideas please send them this way!!!

rebecca x

24 year old mum to 2 beautiful girls

Hi Rebecca,

I actually make invitations and cards etc. So if would lie to know more just send me a reply. I made the invited for my daughters baptism (a few months ago) and I was given great feed back from my invites...


Edwina, 28 - Sydney. 16 month old girl

Hi Rebecca,
For my daughters Naming Day we made our own Bomboneires for all the guests and we got all we needed for them at a cake warehouse shop in Sydney and then we made the little tags to go on them on our computer which had her name on them and the date of the day, we even had a little ornament (baby rattle bangle) that went onto them which we also got from this shop. I saw the shop is still around as this was over 4yrs ago we did these and I saw they even have a website now, so if you are interested I can tell you the address etc they in Western Sydney area (Wetherill Park).

My friend had candles made with the picture of her daughter and her name and date of her christening on it. It also had a little gold cross. Very cute. She hd this done in brisbane though.. but it was a nice idea for everyone to take one home

qld,3yr old boy

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