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Shower cleaning.. Lock Rss

Seeings as we got on to the topic of toilet cleaning I thought I'd add showers. I HATE cleaning the shower, even more than the toilet. There is always so much scrubbing involved and you can never get it totally clean. And then, as soon as you are finished someone has to go and have a shower and it's all messed up again (a bit like the toilet too ay!)

Does anyone know of any cleaners that make life easier or actually DO what they say they DO?

I hate cleaning the shower sad
I clean my shower every second or third day using a microfibre cloth and jif.

Works a treat for me smile

22 mths #2 due Sept 06

Hi there
I am with u I hate cleaning the shower, but I love pineO clean basin, bath and tile. It cleans with minimum scrubing and the best bit it doesnt have that horrid smell that other cleaners have. Its actually quite pleasent. I love this product, I have tried most looking for the easy option and foubd this to be the best.

Hi....I also HATE cleaning the shower....actually, i hate cleaning the whole bathroom! BUT, i have now started using ENJO! The gloves that ENJO have designed require NO CLEANING the fumes aren't going to harm you or the kids. My shower is one of those that is in the bath(2 in 1) so when my 2 year old is having a bath at night, that's when i clean my shower and basin. It only requires the glove and a bit of water and it works wonderfully. The best part is is that i can clean the bathroom while supervising Liam in the bath - killing two birds with one stone (as they say!!) Look into it or email me and i will put you onto my ENJO consultant!
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