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Tattoo's Lock Rss

Ok they are things that some people hate and some people love and are addicted. Reading interesting facts about eachother is fun, lets do it:

Who has a Tatt?
How many?
Approx price for all?
Getting more?
What of?


Im happy to go first......

Who, Jacobs Mum Natalie
How many, 4
Where, tummy - blue bird, shoulder - white tiger, ankle - cats paw prints (i ink padded their paws) and lower back - Sylvesters son (cartoon cat).
When, 3yrs ago
Why, always wanted one 2 3 4 lol
Price, $900 all up
More, Will do, yes
What of, Jacobs name
Why, im addicted

But only 2 can been seen if wearing singlet. I hate needles but i don't mind getting a tattoo.....wierd


this isnt me its my partner who has the tattoos

2 on the shoulder blades, 3 on the upper arm ( both arms) and 2 on the lower arms
18, 19, 20 21 22 and 23 yrs old
just wanted too
$500 all of them
yes when he can afford it
barcode and tribal designs
yet again cos he wants too
Tatt's Rock

Who has a Tatt? Bec, Harrison's mum 22/12/04
How Many? 2
Where? One on each leg (outer side of ankle)
Left Leg - Rebecca written in chinese writing lengthways.
Right Leg - Harrison written in chinese writing lenthways
When? My name 2 years ago, Harrisons name when he was a month old
Why? I like the look of them, they're cool
Approx price for all? $80 each
Getting More? Not sure yet
What of? Not sure yet
Why? If i do its because I don't mind them =)

Bec, Qld, Harrison 22/12/04

Who has a Tatt? Yep
How many? Two - both dolphins (one with Japanese tranquility symbol)
Where? One on right shoulder, one on hip
When? First one was six months after moving out of home in 1997, and one six months before I got married in 2001
Why? Both felt like momentous moments in life.
Approx price for all? About $100 (maybe just a bit more but not much)
Getting more? Thinking about one for each child (which means I am two years late with current child)
What of? More dolphins of course - but with Kid's' names. Am considering an angel too.
Why? I am a little obsessed with dolphins, and my kids will always be my kids..... theirs are the only names I would consider getting tattooed on...! The angel tattoo would symbolise the baby I lost through miscarriage (first pregnancy).

James' Mum

Who has a tatt-me, kelly
How many-just one so far
where-my hip, a tribal design
when-i was 19, about 3 years ago
why-love them!
Price-$40, it's only one colour
Getting more-hell yeah! Definitely getting a gecko on the top of my foot, and star on my inner wrist, want something on my shoulderblade too, and need something with reference to partner and kids.
Why-they're addictive, same as piercings. I have 10 piercings all up too (2 in each earlobe, 1 in upper ear, 1 in front of ear, nose, tongue, labret (chin/lip) and navel, and will probably get my eyebrow and nipple done after this baby.
My partner has 2 tatts and 14 (i think, changes nearly daily!) piercings, i think it's dead sexy, i've always loved feral blokes!

Kelly, 22, 1 @ 25/1/04, 2 @9/3/05, [email protected]/4/06

Who has a Tatt? Kel
How many? 1 (so far)
Where? Lower left abdomen
Of what? Goblin
When? I think in 2001 when I was 21?
Why? Always wanted one
Approx price for all? $75
Getting more? YES!!!!!
What of? I want a tiger on my thigh, a fairy on my hip and Jebediahs' name somewhere once I find a nice way of getting drawn up and whatever else I like when I like
Why? Coz I can and they are for me not anyone else. I don't want to show them off so that's why I want them where I can cover them if I want. And they just look HOT!!!!LOL!!
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