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Just wanted to ask is there formula for over ones and if so what brand to you use my DS turned one last week and i put him on cows milk half water, half milk but he doesnt seem to enjoy it like his fomula, he does drink it all but im thinking maybe its best to try him on others if they are out there.
maybe stick with full strength milk - I am not sure many people would like it watered down! Toddler formula does exist though if you want - SMA advertise one on TV
It could be because its half water. Milk and half water wouldnt be filling him up near as much as formula does

I was told when switching to cows milk you slowly replace the formula with cows milk so for a four scoop bottle of 240mls you would make up with three scoops formula and 60ml milk then gradually increase the milk decrease the formula.

I wouldnt water it down, you can also buy a todler milk
my little lady is 13 months and she drinks full strengh cows milk cause thats what the gp said to do.

Whereabouts roughly are you from? Asking because I have 4 stickpacks of S26 toddler formula if you want me to post them to you? I tried just abut every brand there was for my DS and he liked none of them lol, thankfully now he is enjoying his cow milk.

If you don't want them then I am happy to post them to anyone who wants them!!


** They expire on the 28.4.08

Thanks girls i was always told to water it down for the first few week but i might try his next bottle full strength.
Im from Sydney Tara 3 dudes thanks for offering but i might try him on full stength.
i agree.... dont mix it with water!!!

if you have some formula left slowly combine it with that until its eventually all cows milk and he shouldnt know the difference.

otherwise i give my DD some toddlers milk, i give her the heinz gold one, she loves is, its actually got a nice sweet taste, nothing like the horrible taste of formula!! she has always had cows milk but i thought id give her this every now and again for all the extra vitamins!

I slowly decreased the amount of formula that I gave DD. She was on Karicare so I gave her 150ml of forumla with 50ml of cows milk and slowly increased the cows milk to formula ratio. She is now on full cows milk and I didnt have any problems at all. I know that as the taste is different it helped with DD.

my DD doesn't like cows milk in a bottle, i think it is because milk can get that funny taste wen heated. but she loves it out of a cup. so at 13months she has a bottle of formula in the morning and one at night then just normal milk and water during the day.
My lil man is breastfed and I just gave him straight cows milk. I have replaced his 10.30/11am boob feed with milk so that if someone else cares for him he is used to it.

I bought the A2 milk and he seems to like it.

Oh and he drinks it cold.

If the full strength isn't working my mum just bought DD a tin of s26 gold step 3 which is 12 months + so there definetely is formula out there.
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