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ear piercing??? Lock Rss

i was just wondering at what age it is alright to get my little girls ears pierced? i'm not really sure and i've been a few places and asked and they've all said different.


Sara, SA, baby girl Amelia 02/05/2005

I got Mia's done at 8 mths.

It is a bit of a heated topic but if you want them done, just do it.

Mia's little 'pink dot' earrings look sooooo cute! grin

Hi Sara,
I think its totally up to yourself when you get your little girls ears pierced (personal choice). Some places don't like doing them on young children and then others dont' mind so its a shop around and see how you go. Best to if you can find a place that does the 2 guns at once as its then done much quicker and less painful for them.

Yes this can be a heated topic as well as there is another thread going on here about it. But really its all personal choice and nobody should tell you what you should/shouldn't do.

My little girl just had her's done about a month ago but she is over 4 yrs old but we had decided we would wait till she asked and wanted them done but this was mostly what my DH wanted he was a bit against the ear piercing but I had mine done when I was 4 so we came to the agreement we would wait for my DD to get around this age too but I really didn't mind when she had them done if it was just my decision I would have had them done when she was much younger but its actually worked out well as she has been really great with them and had no bother at all as alot of people say sometimes having them done at 3 plus age they play with them and get them infected etc but I haven't had that trouble at all.

But really its totally up to yourselves when you get your child's ears pierced and don't let anyone make you feel bad about it. Good luck


I had bellas done at 15 months (3 weeks ago)
Not sure what the right age is but if i was to have another girl i would definatley get them done earlier at about 8 months. It didnt hurt bella the only thing she hated was us trying to put the dot on her ear and then the chemist going close to her ear was even worse! She never sits still not even for me to put a clip in her hair! So that was the only drama for us. She hasnt played with them at all and the only other thing she is hating right now is me spraying the antiseptic on her ears twice a day!!

Good luck!!

nsw...5 1/2 month old boy....4yr old girl

We're waiting until our girls are old enough to ask and understand that it will hurt a little. Don't know when that will be, i hope soon for the eldest! She's nearly two, i don't think it will be too much longer, she's already very interested in mine and dads.

Kelly, 22, 1 @ 25/1/04, 2 @9/3/05, [email protected]/4/06

I am wanting to get my 8 month old daughters ears pierced but her father says that I cannot get it done until she is about 5. I think that is cruel because she can feel and remember the pain of it being done then...what do you guys think???

Kelly (23) Brisbane, mum to Tahlia 11months

I think i will wait for her to ask me and really want it and then she can learn responsibility in taking care of them. That's what mum did with me.
For me it's had enough having her vaccs done other then ear piercing too. I am a wimp when seeing her in pain:) I don't think there is anything wrong with it, i just think it can be a learning curve for her later.

Lynda, Qld, Emma-3yrs, Chloe-10mths

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