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Hi everyone.

I'm mum to a gorgeous little girl who is the light of my life. But at times I find it hard doing it all on my own. Her father lives 700km away and only sees her every 2-3 months so I'm not getting any help there. Is it wrong for me to sometimes feel like I need a day to myself instead of being mum 24/7? My family and friends all tell me to take time out but I find it hard to hand her over to others and I'm too scared to put her in daycare, even for a day. My partner finds it hard sometimes as my reluctance means we don't get to go on too many dates. anyone else feel like this?
I think Claire's suggestion of having someone look after you daughter for a couple of hours while you are in the house to build up your confidence sounds like an excellent idea. It is perfectly normal for you to want and need time to yourself. I think you will come back refreshed and that with benefit your daughter too. It is hard though. The first time I had time away from Lachlan I felt lost and just couldn't wait to get home to him. He is 20mths old now and we have arranged for my Mum and Dad to have him for his first overnight on a Saturday night in December so we can have a 'date' night! Although I am looking forward to it I am quite nervous about being away from him.

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