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Pink or Blue? Rss

I get this all the time no matter whether my daughter is in pink/blue/red. People are just so silly sometimes. I go into this baby clothing store every week when i do my food shopping and the same lady is there every time. Well, she always asks how old Tayla is and is it a boy or a girl? once she said "oh, shes a big girl" and a few weeks later she said she was small for her age! I think i will just not listen to people anymore!!!!
i aint a violent person and i could so slap people sometimes.. LOL

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My son is 2 yrs now and i still get asked if he is a girl because he has long hair at the shop the other day the man said" hi princess arnt you just the sweetest thing" my fiancee kindly corrected him and said he is a boy the man look totally dumbfounded and apologised but it just gets a little annoying sometimes

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Wow TP you been digging in the archives, thats an oldie

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