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i cant believe some people. I was in the servo with my DD and a random lady said to me "i'm so sorry your daughter is down syndrome, she would actually be beautiful if she wasnt slow" i thought i had misheard so said pardon, she then said "oh i was just saying sorry to you as you have a downs baby" i went off, it the attendant had to pull her away, and the only reason i didnt punch her in the face was because liv was tere. what kind of a person would say that! i am sitting here shaking and crying with anger!!

Im so sorry liv it up, some people just dont deserve to live in society with the rest of us. what a cruel thing to say! i think i would have punched her out.
some ppl really need to think before they open their traps...

That is so awful!
How dare she, you should have slapped her!
Nah but still it would've felt good.
Your daughter IS beautiful.
Wow I can't believe some people...
livvy is gorgeous, she isnt down syndrome, but what kind of person would say something like that to someone who's child is special,

I can't believe that! does your daughter have downs sydrome?
Not that it matters at all! Why can't kids with downs synrdome be beautiful? Was the lady old?
that is disgusting!why do people think they have the right to just speak their mind you should have said she is beautiful and will be taught manners unlike you

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

What is there to be SORRY about??? You have a gorgeous little girl.

Some people can be so ignorant!

I would have said "oh, don't worry about her, we feel sorry for YOU, it must be so hard living like you, we're so so sorry for you"

It would have made her think about it all day.
your baby has no features like a downs... my mum's mate has a downs and your daughter looks nothing like them.

I would have knocked her .. seriously
even if she were downs why would you apologise to the child's mother, thats just plain insulting, sounds like SHE was downs .

Olivia is a cutey patootie don't even pay attention to idiots

just looking at you sig and she doesnt look downs syndrome, is she????
what i biatch, honestly what goes through some peoples heads is beyond me.
It's a shame she didn't just say the first half of the sentence and leave it at that- "You have a beautiful daughter". Which you do!!!

Don't let this person's comment play on your mind for one more second- she means nothing to you- so why should her comments????
she was about 35, business woman, i was so angry i just started yelling at her, i'm lucky liv doesnt have downs, but i think that every child is gorgeous anyway, u dont say that to someone

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