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DD not crawling, could the problem be... Lock Rss

My dd is not crawling she did once ages ago but wont do it anymore. She has a walker and scoots everywhere on that. I have cut down the time that she is in that to see if it helps. Do you think i should keep her out of it altogether as this might be why she is not crawling?
Hi mumo2, the CHN told us that walkers did interfere with bubs crawling as they are not having the opportunity to learn to crawl. They dont recommend them for this reason, as crawling is an important development for them. maybe leave her out of it for a while. hope this helps.
Hello. It's probably a good idea to keep her out of her walker. Why crawl when you have wheels?! My chiropractor says that walkers aren't good for babies spines anyway. Good luck!

sorry to burst that theory but DS had a walker and crawled just before 8 mths.
DD has crawled a couple of times but also has stopped.
Jodie it could possibly be she doesn't like it too undignified lol she may just get up and walk.
A friend in my mother's group, DD never crawled at all, got up and walked at 13mths

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Hey, I also got told that they can interfere with both crawling and walking as it doesn't develop the muscles in their legs to be strong enough but then again my son doesn't go in one and he is almost 8 months old and not crawling or sitting.

Oh now im confused. Is Annika crawling yet Naomi?
she did a few times, not far though lol
now has stopped, she would rather try and reach for everything lol

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Ok I am confused now I was going to buy a walker for lachlan on Saturday hmmmm
Morning Jodie,

As long as you give your DD time on the floor to have a go and put all the crawling skills together- I am sure she will get the hang of it soon. Your DD might just not be in a hurry to crawl. My oldest crawled at 5 months, my #2 DD didn't crawl until around 9-10 months and Hannah only started crawling a month ago.

Is your DD showing some of the skills of crawling- like getting up on her hands and knees and kind of bouncing backwards and forwards. DOes she seems to creep a little either forwards or backwards and end up somewhere other than where she started? If so it is a matter of time, practice and putting those skills together - then she will be off and racing.

I would not be too worried- she could take off like a champ verry quickly once she starts.

When I had Annika's hips ultra-sounded (hehe no such word) I told him she has a walker, he said that walkers generally don't damage, if used in moderation.
He also backed it up by saying there is nothing wrong with DD's hips.
I guess you will always find people on both sides of the fence about walkers.

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Hey both my girls had walkers, DD#1 practically lived in hers as i used to take her to work with me. Both of them started crawling by about 10months old. My friends baby didnt crawl at all she just bum shuffled (and she didnt use a walker). I think it just depends on the baby.

Jessica 01/02/04, Lily 05/12/06, Zoe 15/07/08

DS has a walker and isnt interested in crawling AT ALL! since birth he has just wanted to stand.

he'll do something one week then give it a rest for a while IYKWIM

some kids just dont crawl! i never crawled- went straight to walking and i never had a walker

just keep trying to encourage her but dont be worried if she doesnt
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