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I was just wondering if anyone has children in family day care? I'm due back at work at the end of june, part time
but can't afford having two kids at creche as i did with my first one,it's just too expensive.I work at the child care and it was good having my child next to me but now just can't afford paying two fees with small wages.So i've been thinking of putting them both at the family day care,but don't know much about it.Does anyone have kids there and what are the prices?
Any info.would help please

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My son is in family day care 3 days a week and he loves it. We chose it because it was a lot cheaper than a preschool and I also liked that there were only a few kids. He socialises really well with the other kids and his carer keeps a good control on their activities. I can't help you with prices in Vic and it will also depend on your income as to how much rebate you will get back, but in NSW with the minimum rebate, it costs about $30 per day for a over 2 year old based on a 10 hour day. Hope this helps but ring up your council and they will be able to provide the price information to you.

hi there.
my mum used to be in family day care. she looked after 4 kids everyday as well as her own 4. we used to have such a great ime cause we had kids to play with everyday. and i think because it was in a home and not like a school it was a less scary thing for the kids. and also if u r involved in family daycare its more personal for both families. we still see one family now at bbqs and stuff, 20yrs later.
and there is alot less chance of kids getting sick too.
the houses have to be pretty much child proof and they are inspected for certain things on a regular basis. u might wanna check this for urself, u working in childcare would have a good knowledge of these things

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Hi there,
I an a family care care provider and i would recomend it to any mum returning to work. The cost varies significantly depending on your income but the full fee is usually around $4.50 - $5.00 for booked hours. You need to call your local council or if they are fully booked, try the council in which your work is situated, Good Luck!!

Sarah,VIC 18mth daughter

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