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hey ladies my friends and i are going to Darby day (one of the race days in melb) and just wondering ive been looking on the net for dresses not to buy just looking to get an idea cos the shoes ive got wont go with everything.
ive already looked at the website so any other suggestions would be good.
thanks ladies
[Edited on 22/10/2007]
[Edited on 22/10/2007]

bump so people can help

supre lol
shut up jen i need serious places thank u

lol sorry...u better not be lashing me and goin with kristy!!!
you could try
Posted by: *Loving It*
lol sorry...u better not be lashing me and goin with kristy!!!

uuuuuummmmmm no i think she is busy that day though........

bump and thanks princys mum theres some nice stuff more ideas please

cmon ladies

If you spelt it right you may get some help...

Its DERBY DAY dickwit smile]

You can wear anything these days!! I love derby day i used to go every year with my friends... ITs so much fun getting all dressed up and blind... LOL

thanks for that kristy u could of PM'd me instead of telling everyone lol.
i know i cant wait no kids all day and night were having a big one well actually i couldnt watch the kids after drinking all day anyway lol. so were going out that nite also wooooooo hoooooooo

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