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I cant take it anymore!! Zoe has decided that 5.30 is wake up time! shes been waking at this time for the past couple of weeks and im going mad! this morning it only 4.45!! ARGH!!

she used to go to bed at 8 -8.30 and wake between 6.30 &7, which was fine i can handle that no worries.

but now since she started waking early shes going to bed at 7 - 7.30, cos she's so tired and i cant keep her up any longer cos then i just end up with a cranky monster who wont sleep. i aslo think that she actually wake earlier than this but she just plays in her cot which she always does when she wakes up, shell play in there about an hour before she gets sooky to get out.

ive tried feeding her as soon as she wakes in the hope she might be just hungry and go back to sleep, that didnt work. so i tried not feeding her til 6.30 hoping that she might not wake til then, but that didnt work either she just wants to play. i dont think shes waking cos shes hungry becasue shes happy to wait for her bottle. shes having 3 meals a day, and most of the time 4 bottles, but she doesnt even always drink these, she'll have 4 or 5 sucks and push it away.

when she was about 3 or 4 months old she was doing the same thing waking early and i posted pretty much the same question in the baby sleep section but didnt get much of a response.

can some one help me, give me some ideas.
Carmen, Sam has just started doing the same thing but hw goes to bed at 6pm so I can't really expect him to sleep any longer! I cannot get him to stay up longer than 6:30pm!

I get him up, give him a bottle and put him back in his cot and hope for the best. Sometimes he chats away to himself and occasionally he goes to sleep but mostly he yells to get up.

Kate, on the other hand, has to be woken up!

I don't think there is much you can do but I sometimes go back to bed when he has hi morning sleep at about 8. I go to bed early!

Hey carman Luke was pretty much the same ...I just keep goinng in there and repeating the same words ...shhhhhhh time for sleep ...tuck her in then walk out ...go back in after 3 min and say the same thing .....this will take a week of screaming but heaps worth it in the end ...I dont like controll crying but this lets them know that you are still there and you can give her cuddles to let her know she is notin trouvble ...

If this dont work I am affraid you have an early riser on your hands adn you wont be able to stay up as late on MSN lo lol lol
I am not going to be much help but am very interested in what people have to say as my DS is the same. He goes to bed at 7:30 at night and has been waking at 4:30-5 am in the mornings. He cries non stop and will not go back to sleep. We have tried controlled crying but to no avail he will cry until he vomits and when we go into settle him he won't stop crying and settle down then it normally takes us close to an hour just to settle him and stop him crying. Please do not judge or critise me for what i am about to say but the only way we keep sane is when he wakes at this time in the morning we get up and put him into bed with us. We have always said our ds will NEVER sleep with us, but here we are at 4:30 in the morning with a happy child in bed with us. He normally plays on the bed talking and smacking us while we TRY and sleep or just lay there (no lights on) then after about an hour he goes back to sleep. Then will sleep until close to 7am. I don't know if we are doing the right thing and i am sure lots of people agree we are not but we need to keep sane. I go to bed at 8-8:30 every night and still find 5am to early to be getting up. I am pregnant with number 2 so i put my tiredness down to that. I know i have not helped you but you are not alone....


Are any of you on DLS time yet? My kids are waking early too, and ALWAYS do at the late Sept till DLS is happening.

Happens every year, from around 20th Sept. We have about 6 wks of early mornings, then DLS kicks in, so we are all on normal time again.

Then at the end of DLS, they sleep in.... grrrr... can't win!!

BTW, 6.30pm bed time or 8:30pm bedtime, makes no difference, they're up at the sparrow fart anyway. Bringing the bedtime back to 6pm as of 2wks time! Then they'll be set for DLS starting.
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Oh DD is almost 11 months and she has started doing it to. But it doesn't matter what time we put her to bed.

well sounds like everyones kids are doing it.

Tpot no we're not on day light saving yet. maybe when this starts it'll sort her out!!
rhylie does it to, but he gets up cuz DF gets up for work really early, he is no loud but by hte time he leaves rhylie is awake. but what i found worked was leaving him in bed longer and longer after he was awake, no afternoon nap, and he always goes to bed at 7
dd2 used to give us 4 oclock starts so we cut her day sleeps down to one a day, normally about 12ish for 2-3hours and then she goes to bed about 8.30pm and will normally sleep till 9am, that is unless dd1 doesn't decide it's time for her to get up!
I'm not complaining here cause I know I have it alot better then you ladies, but DS gets up earlier then normal too. He goes to bed around 8.30-9 and used to sleep till at least 8, sometimes I would have to wake him up, then it changed to 7.30 now its anywhere from 6.30 onwards. I just leave him, most days he chats and claps hands etc calls out a few times and within 1/2 hour hes back asleep again, this morning he cried for abit too but ended up falling asleep. If he wakes after 7.30 I get him up though. I put it down to DLS, as tpot said.

Heres hoping you girls get sleep ins when daylight savings starts!!

I have a 2 year old now!!

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