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Up the Duff - Book Lock Rss

Hi, i am 38 weeks pregnant with my first child.
I would like to recommend that all pregnant women read UP THE DUFF by Kaz Cooke, it is a great book, it's funny, informative and i could not get by without it!

Mummy to Talana Michelle Kimberley (13/12/2003)


I would have to agree with you Leanne. I used it all the way through my pregnancy and found it excellent. I would recommend it to all.

Lou, QLD,16 month old baby boy- Jackson

Have you read any other books that are as good?
I am trying to learn as much as i can before the baby comes and would love any pointers that you may have!
Please e-mail me or i also have msn.

Mummy to Talana Michelle Kimberley (13/12/2003)

What To Expect When Your Expecting is pretty good. It goes month by month and I found it really good, not half as entertaining as Up The Duff but it was still really helpful. It's fairly comprehensive and has info on all sorts of complications and stuff that can happen during pregnancy.

Did you know that Kaz Cooke has also got a book out called Kid Wrangling, it's all about raising a child from the moment you give birth to it. I haven't read it yet but am really looking forward to getting my hands on it.

Christy, mother of Jemima, 21.11.03

Yeahh i saw the other book in the bookstore last week and really want to get it for when the baby is born!

Mummy to Talana Michelle Kimberley (13/12/2003)

My partner used to call "Up The Duff" my bible! I always had my head in it - and it was much more fun to have a laugh about all these things that were happening to my body!!

Marti, NSW, Baby Boy born on 17th July 2003

I can strongly recommend a book called "baby love" by Robin Barker , I wished I had taken it into hospital with me as you get all sorts of different advice by different nurses. To me this is the baby bible it has everything.
You have probaby had your baby by now so congratulations.
Good Luck

Bek NSW 10mth boy

Definately get Kid-wrangling!!! I have a 3 1/2 y old and a 7 week old. It is fabulous for both of them. As soon as I heard about it I went and bought it. I had Up The Duff as my bible as well. Kaz Cooke is a legend!!!!

Andrae,WA - Liam, Siobhan and Erin

The books by Dr Green are also great. I've got the first two, "Babies" and "Toddler Taming" and I would highly recommend them to parents of babies and toddlers.

Mother of 3, Qld

I also read 'Up The Duff' when I was pregnant and found it fantastic. The scary thing was her labour was similar to mine ending up with a c-section after failing 'to progress'.
The other book I read and found very informative but not over the top in medical jargon was 'Pregnancy for Dummies' it simplified it for me and I was able to absorb a lot more of the information. Its in sections of Trimesters, After bubs' born, plus also has a section on illnesses so you have some idea what they're about.

member since 2004

My labour ended up like Hermoines as well Kristy. Was in labour for over 20 hours,and ended in caesarean.Maybe the book is cursed?Lol

Marti, NSW, Baby Boy born on 17th July 2003

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