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ok i just found out i am preggers with my 2nd child and i am gonna need a new pram... i was just wondering if i could get some opinions on what would be better a tandem or a twin pram??? thanks for your help.. take care... Meagan

Meagan, Xavier 20-07-05, Jellybean c/s 11-12-06

I was just going to use a toddler seat, but after 3wks of this I bought my Valco Twin Runabout. Both can sleep when need to & it's not much wider than a normal 3 wheeler Valco. I've 20mths btw my 2 (aged 3 & 1) & I still use the pram. Well worth the $590 I paid.

A friend has 18mths btw her 2 & she's got the same pram & loves it. Her eldest is 3 in June.
i have a tandem its a lite limo by swallow bought from babyco its easy to steer and push & not too big for the boot

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Hi Meagan,
Given that Xavier is 8 months and still sleeps during the day (or at least you hope he will when #2 comes along so you can get some rest) I think you are very wise to get a twin pram.

By tandem I assume you mean the side by side versions.
I couldn't tell you which type of twin pram to get as I don't personally know (I just know I wish I had have bought one)
I have heard from the nursery guy at "Okey's" that the twin strollers aren't as hard wearing as strollers for one so it would deffinately pay to do your homework (and this may also mean the the tandem design is better?). I have seen lots of designs and I would say it greatly depends on your car boot size and budget. You can get the 3 wheelers in tandem design and I would assume they would be easier to handle (and perhaps they would be a better construction?)

Good luck with your shopping (go to a major retailer so you get the good advice and a choice of designs).

Hopefully someone with some more experience can help with advice too?

Aimee (If I bought another pram I think I would be asking for a divorce - I'm never happy with what I've got - maybe mum's should be more involved in the designs??)
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