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Nursing Pads Lock Rss

Can anyone recommend some good nursing pads that actually work. I bought the Tommee Tippee nursing pads and found that they did not do the job at all - I woke up and my pjs were soaked not to mention the bed sheets!!!

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Hi iag

I found that at night none of the nursing pads I used worked because I was lying down the milk just used to run out of me! What I used to do was fold up a toweling nappy lengthways and put it across my bust underneath a reasonably firm fitting singlet and then that was the only wet thing when I got up in the morning.

As nursing pads are relatively expensive I found that Rite Aid was a good medium between quality and price. I used these at the start for about 4 months or so and then the Tommee Tippee washable ones once I wasn't leaking so much and then the cost was gone. I am very budget conscious as you can probably tell!


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Hi if you are planing on breast feeding for a while it might be worth investing in a booby bib. They are $59.95 inc. postage but breast pads are so expensive it dosn't take long for it to pay for itself. I put a post in the baby section on it as I brought one and I am super please with it. The web address is I also found the rite aid nursing pads the best cheap alternative for day usage and the Johnsons Ultra form white ones but they are not cheap.

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i think through out the night none of the ones i tried did the job
but the most comffiest ones i tried were by johnsons
they didnt itch at all
they are in a purple box
by far the comfiest

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Hey sweetie.I used the pigeon brand nursing pads when I was breastfeeding my daughter.They are more expensive but they work really well.I started using them this time too but ran out and after a quick trip to the chemist returned home with Amcal brand.About $3 cheaper and just as good.You also can't see then through t-shirts etc.They'ry thin but really absorbant.Toodles.Deb

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With my first I used disposable pads (all diferent brands) and found them expensive, smelly (if you left them on for too long, and they used to stick to my nipples, which didnt help at the start when I felt like my nipples were going to explode they were so sore. With my second I was given a box of avent rewashable ones. There are 3 in a box, and they are THE BEST!!!! The come with a little bag to wash them in, and they are so absorbant. Just couldnt tell you how much they are becuase they were a gift

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I might be a bit late here but I can honestly say I was the


I found (unfortunately do to the cost) that the bee's knee's of nursing pads were the "johnson and johnson" brand.

The one's that come in both white and beige (I found they were usually the cheapest at Big W - about $6 a packet) They are a bit like the Huggies nappies, they have that gel absorbency stuff in them and really swell up way before they leak.

And they say breast feeding is the cheapest option!!! HA

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