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Best childproofing Ideas Lock Rss

My baby is 6months and will have to child proof cupboards soon and etc whats the best product you have used.

Sam Qld,

The best thing I used was the plastic plugs you put in power points. My kids are 3 and they are still in use. The cupboard locks are ok (the ones where you push the lever down) and there is a fridge lock which sticks to the door and side of fridge to keep it shut. The best method is generally put everything out of reach! Esp all cleaning equipment. And be careful of strings on blinds. smile
Thanks for the ideas. I will have to start putting every thing up, he isn't quite crawling yet but is moving around very quickly and of course will bypass his toys and go for something he is not surpose to have. I have put plugs in power points now its just the cupboards I have to worry about and cords. My husband has one connected to the speakers any ideas how to childproof that without putting it through the roof.

Sam Qld,

Hi Sam,
Something to be really aware of is loose cords. We had a telephone extention running around the wall, but it was loose. I went into the loungeroom one day to find my little girl had wrapped it around he neck. Luckily it was not pulled tight, but it could have been in the next few seconds. We taped the cords to the skirting board that night while she wasn't in the room, as they seem to like to undo your handiwork when they see you do it!
Our kitchen has cupboards that have handles on them so we have the locks that clip through them. Knives and any other utensils that usually go in the 2nd draw that she can open and hurt herself with have now gone into a large pot that gets used once in a blue moon and put to the back of the kitchen bench in a corner. The pantry has a bolt at the top of the door that she wont be able to reach until she gets to about 5 foot, so no worries there. We don't have anything precious on display within a foot of arms reach either now. I think we need to build display shelves about 4 feet up surrounding all the walls. Book cases are empty for the first 3 shelves! Her teddies go in there now!

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