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We recently bought a Jolly Jumper for our so to use after reading on here that we could attach it to a hook in the ceiling.
Just in cae anyone does this the chain is to short to do this. But today I rang the australian distributors to see where I caould purchase an extension and they told me that they'd send me out some extra chain and attachments.
So don't depair if you're like me and the only doorways are to your bedrooms and wet areas (bathroom etc.) you can still give your bubs endless fun.
My son doesn't spend too long in it, no longer than 1/2 hour as he gets over it by then and its only every couple of days, so far.
Keep smiling.

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Maya had a Jolly Jumper that a friend lent us and I think it's the best invention ever for babies! She first went in at at 3 mths and used it up until about 8mths when she could jump too high and crashed into the doorframe. It was great in the evenings when she would get grumpy, as I had my hands free to cook dinner, but she could watch me and was safe.
I'm convinced too that being in the Jolly Jumper is one of the reasons why she walked so early (10mths) as she obviously enjoyed being up on her feet.

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We also used a jolly jumper for months! It was fantastic and Jack loved it as it gave him a different slant on things!

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We used to take our "JJ" tot he park with us and attach it to a tree branch. We could throw our picnic rug out and read the paper in the sun while cherub would bounce around quite happily taking in the new surrounds.

just another benefit of the "JJ" to try out

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I have just been given a JJ by a friend, who didn't want it at all( hasn't been used) and we want to use it. There are no instructions and we believe it is the one that hooks onto a door. We can't work it out!! The "hook" is sort of square and probably almost the size of an A4 sheet of paper. Please help us out!! I went onto the website, but it didn't show that one, just the one that hangs from a stand! Is she too old for it now? Ruby will be 1 yr old next week and doesn't walk yet.

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Hi Anna, unfortantly I have just put bub to bed so cannot get to the instructions as they are in his room!

With ours, you open the hook and pop it over the door frame - the wood around your door keeps it secure. From memory you can use them until they start to walk. I'll be back on tomorrow and make sure I have the instructions to hand, but hopefully somebody else will get here to help you 1st!


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As Joe just descibed, it should fit securely over a door frame.

As we have done... we have put proper secured hooks into areas outside the house (also used for hanging plants). So we could use ours anywhere basically. The sun was also a problem.


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Hi Anna,

I have the instructions to the jj. You should have a hook that can been screwed into the ceiling somewhere to hang the jj off, and you should also have a clamp looking device that can be opened and placed on a door frame.

The jj is guaranteed to hold a max weight of 50kg, but is recommended for 3mth to walking age. If you would like more information I can fax you a copy of the pictures and instructions. Or you could try contacting Fitnesswise who distribute JJ. the number is (02) 99717044.

Hope this helps.


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Just something fun I used to do with the JJ:
When it was warm enough I would place a tray of water underneath so Maya could splash around as she jumped (warm water)
Also placed sheets of newspaper under her which made a lovely crackling noise as she jumped (make sure bubs has old socks in as the newsprint makes them turn black!)

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For Christmas my son received a cheaper version of the jolly jumper (not the original). It attaches to the door frame so you stretch the two sides so it basically clamps onto the top of the door frame. For ages I thought that we weren't using it correctly and a few weeks ago when the baby expo was on I got hubby to have a closer look. Our spring was too tight therefore bubby wasn't really bouncing.
Now, with it all fixed up he has a blast and he now spends half an hour everyday in it. Gives me a break from having to walk him around the room etc smile

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we have a jj and use it all the time with my 2 boys they are great but getting too old for it now they are nearly 2 and nearly 1, we had the frame for ours so i could use it any where its great

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Hi all,
thanks for your help. I managed to find someone at work who has one and she showed me how to attach it to the door frame...... It all makes sense now..... It was so simple... Tried to put Ruby in it and she cried as if i was torturing her! Will try again soon...
thanks again

Anna, SA, Ruby & Eloise

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