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Keeping a Journal Lock Rss

I'm trying this online journal thing for my does anyone else keep journals?
I have kept a journal for the past 18 months. My twin boys are 5.5 months now. It is just a handwritten diary, hoping to type it up and bind in book form as a keepsake. Would be interested to know how the online journal goes.

Victoria ~ 3yr old beautiful twin boys

I dont have a jounal as such but I have gotten into scrapbooking since having my 14 month old daughter Macenzie.

Scrapbooking is where you put your phitos in a aldum in a crafty way and journal around the photos. So later at least you will have some clue what the signifigance of the photo was. I also add any milestones and funny things I"d like to remember.


Aileen, nsw, Macenzie17 months plus 1 edd 4/11/04

Hi there, I've got a huge journal book and I try to write in it every few days. I write as if I am writing a letter to my son. I've never kept a journal before this but I guess since it is letter form it is like a personal commentary to my son.

I get great relaxation and pleasure out of keeping it. I hope one day my son will enjoy it too.

At the back of it I date it and list words or actions our boy has learned. That way I am keeping an eye on his progress (language/kinesthetic) etc.

I get a bit messy when I am tired, but that isn't the point. I enjoy getting it all down on paper.

Have a great day.
Hi girls,

I started keeping a journal from the day i found out i was pregnant. I write down my thoughts about my child, i write all of her special moments, like teething, smiling laughing etc. I am planning on giving it to her on her 18th birthday, unless for some reason she feels unsecure in my love, i will give it to her to show i do care. If for some reason i lose my senses and have another child i will start a new one for them.

Allison mum to Jazmin
I started a pregnancy diary with baby #1. Really, it's one big long whinge, lol. I had plenty of time so it's really long (I was writing a page a day). The second diary is about a third the size and the third one is about 7 pages... oops. I will join them together to form one "book" and present a copy to each of my girls when they are preggie.

I wish I could find the time for scrapbooking as I love that kind of thing.

I also keep a record of their milestones, on a spreadsheet. It's been very interesting to see the different ages the girls achieve things.

mumto3, Qld, 3, 2 & newborn

Hi there again, I thought of perhaps doing a pictorial journal/story book for the toddlers. I took my son out to my dad's work the other day and took some photos of where Granddad works. There was a good one of our boy sitting up on a milk tanker at the factory. I intend to paste these in a home made book titled, "What our family does all day" or some such things, so when our boy wonders where everyone is he will know at an instant. Each picture will have something along the lines, "here is ________ at work, they do _____, in this picture they are at__________ doing _________ etc etc..." that way they get to have a real picture of every day adult life.

I'm enjoying everyone's ideas for journals. Keep up teh writing everyone.


i keep a journal for my daughter and when she was only a few weeks old i would write her feeding patterns in it and everyone's comments etc. i read it to her every few days and write in it that day with her response to the journal. now she smiles every time i mention "daddy, nanny and poppy"

alyssa 28.2 taylah 2.11 lachlan 11.9

I made a book of my daughters first year.
I had taken photos of her at different ages and then wrote a story of her first year in the back of it as if she was telling the story. Then hand bond it. Took me a year later but I got there. Now I just have to start another two.
Can't do for one and not the others.

Sydney,twin boys 22/10/04+girl 26/03/02

I started a journal for my daughter as soon as she was born and for the first 2 years of her life I have 2 full books of her events, what she did, ate etc and then her 3rd book I'm still doing and this is from age 3 - 5 (she is now 4 1/2 yrs) and I'm still filling it out not every day just when she does certain things or events. I also started one for my son and have been doing that for a year now (he's 12mths now) and I'm about to start on his 2nd book. I found it was great to refer back to my daughters first book to when I did things with her and what she was doing to what my son is up to etc.
I also kept all my paperwork etc from my 2 pregnancies (antinatal doctor sheets etc) and put them into folders and then wrote up my pregnancy experience with each and their births. Its so good to look back on all of this as sometimes you forget so much!

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