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Saggy Boobs Lock Rss

I am breastfeeding for the second time and my boobs have become depressingly saggy. I need some reassurance so that I don’t make an appointment with the plastic surgeon for a breast lift. Has anyone else found this?

mum of 3

Its Michelle, would just like to say that you will have to live with it! I'm pregnant for the fourth time, but they were saggy after my first.
I knew I was having more so I just bought good bras. But after this one I am definately getting a boob job. smile

Mum to 3 boys, baby girl!!!

My boobs are saggy now too after my first. Unfortunately, it is just something that occurs from having children i 'spose.
Dear girls,
yes its sad but true that this happens to our body's. But please if you are going to get implants MAKE SURE you do some research all about it and get more than oppinion. As there are so many hidden things about it all and alot people are not aware of this and or take a blind eye to it just to look better. For 1. they are expensive and have to be replaced about every 10 years. 2. there are side affects that affect many people in different ways and some siade affects are not reversable if you have them removed after any problem. 3. The list goes on. 4. having a up lift is a much better way even if makes them smaller but at least they wont be saggy.
I'm not trying to put you off but PLEASE make sure they you do your home work about this.
I haven't had it done myself but have thought about it but I have decided to get an up lift when I can afford it, I do know of several girls that have had it done and over half of them have had them removed do to complications and side affects. I know we all want to look and feel good about our self's and it wont take that much time to do some research over the net. Hey look you might be the lucky one and have no problems btu then again you may. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CHECK IT ALL OUT BEFORE YOU DO IT .

Di. SA.
I have to roll mine up first then tuck them in to my bra!!! Just invest in a good bra that is sexy as wll. If you are still breastfeeding I love the Formfit BEBE bra - its the sexiest one I can find. This is alot cheaper and safer and less painful than surgery!!!
Monsters mum

mel mum of 2 monsters

Hi Mel,
Where did you get your bra from?

michelle, mum of jackson 13-02-03

Thankyou so much for your advice. It was exactly what I needed to hear. You made me realise that my boobs can still be sexy, it just means they will be inside a sexy bra. Your humor helped too, I will take a light hearted approach to my body shape. Thankyou.

mum of 3

I'm still breastfeeding my first (and last) child and am actually happy at the size of my boobs now smile
I went from an A to a C overnight so there's the stretch maks, but who can see those. I also went to a size 12, so larger breasts now suit the figure better. Try to find the positive things in this, think hard about getting a boob job though, you might regret it. You might not. Just think about it

mother to Hannah born August 9 2003

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My boobs ara saggin' a beauty and this is only my first and I'm not even breastfeeding and I HAVEN"T EVEN HAD THE BABY YET!

I went and had a fitting today and was very unimpressed by the wonderfully strong lighting they have in those change rooms. Not only are my breasts sagging, I have prominant veins all over the show, even on my aerola thingies (and they're starting to take up a whole lotta unnecessary room on my boobs I gotta say). And hip hooray, I've gone from a B cup to a D cup. Under normal circumstances I would be very excited about this- but a D cup is only handy when the breasts are firm, not when they're hangin' down to ya' knees.

Despite these 'severe' problems, I would never be vain enough to even consider having any type of surgery done. People have operations because they have no choice, having one to change your appearance is wrong especially when you consider the risks associated with surgery. Don't do it, it's so not worth it- you hear too many nightmare stories.

Ah, all the things our lovely mothers never told us. Well, it better be worth it............



I went from a DD to G cup and yes I can fit it on my head smile

God knows how bubs is gong to fit these watermelons in it tiny mouth smile

Love Steph

Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

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