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Hi Barbara,u r a strong women to go through that i have had 4 misscarriages too but now i have 6 wonderful children the oldests is 13 and the youngset is 8 mths i would love to hear from u my e-mail address is [email protected] would be grateful if u could e-mail me.

susan,vic, tyler 3 yrs old

I can feel your pain and felt the same way during my pregnancy. I lost my first child, a boy, at 22 weeks when I slipped down a flight of stairs. I was 18 at the time and was going to give the child up for adoption as I was single and had no decent prospects. I thought that somehow it was my fault that this happend because when I initally found out I was pregnant, I was going to have an abortion. This was until I spoke to someone who had been trying for ten years to fall pregnant. I knew then and there that this baby had been given to met to pass on to them. I was horrified that I had lost this precious life that was so wanted. When I was pregnant this time, I was so terrified that I would lose this baby and refused to "bond" with the baby and missed out on enjoying being pregnant. Being 23 and married now, I am in a much better position, but will always wonder what my little boy would have been doing and feel regret that the couple didn't get to have their family.
Thank you for listening, I haven't told that story in a long time.
I am reading all of your stories and feeling so sad for you all, but these little miracles are called that for a reason. When we are blessed with falling pregnant, it's not a guarantee that our babies are ok. I think when they leave us before we're ready it's for a reason, and although we may never know what that reason is, often it's nature's way of telling us that something is wrong. I can imagine how painful it must be, I thought I was going to have a miscarriage at around 8 weeks with this pregnancy and I was scared to death. Fortunately everything is fine, and we are doing well...
well i know how your feeling because at this very moment im writing i am misscarring i am 12 weeks and am spotting and cramping badly i have had bloods done my hormone levels are so low it is enevitable i will misscarry this is my second misscarridge i have three awsome honies candice is 8 memphis is 3 and my wee honies paris is 1yr 3mnths and as sad as it is i will go on feeling my time for having baby's is over i am blessed with three and have decided to quit while im ahead i worked out this is my 5th pregnancy but it will still be hard to get over this loss but maybe another day im only 26 so still have lot's of time left i would love to talk to other mums about there experience with misscarrage and what they went through


Hi Helena,
Know exactly how you're feeling. I miscarried over the last week and rode the roller coater ride of spotting, cramping and illness. An ultrasound on Monday confirmed there was no heartbeat and the foetus hadn't grown for some time. I spent Wednesday in hospital having a curette as i hadn't passed the foetus (bub). The emotions are strong and the tears keep falling. I have a son, but for me at 37 (38 in Nov) my chances for pregnancy are slim. Good luck - my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Louise, Finlay (4 Feb, 02), Mackenzie (18 Jan, 06)

hi ladies,
im tamara and i too know how you all feel. i had my 1st daughter on 22nd feb 2001 and when she turned 1 we decided to try again. it wasnt long before i was pregnant and over the moon. but one morning i woke up in really bad pain unfortunatly i lost the baby. i was upset but it didnt devestate me as the doctors said its very common. about 5 months later i got pregnant again and lost that one 10 weeks in to my preg this time i was devestated. the doctors could give me no answers as to why this was happening and they basicly treat you like your an inconvenience to them. i got preg again this time i basicly sat on my butt hoping that it would be ok. every pain i got a paniced everytime i went to the toilet i was too scared to look at my underware just incase. everything seemed fine then at about 10 weeks i started to spot, so off to the docs to have my bhcg levels checked and they came back good so 2 days later had them checked again and they were still ok but still bleeding so the next day i had my levels checked again and they had droped sad so the next day i had a ultra sound and they could see no baby sad i went and had my levels checked again and they had risen. so then my doc went into a frenzy. before i knew it i was off to hospital with no realisation of what was going on. it turned out i had a ectopic pregnancy. i was devistated. luckily i didnt need surgury as they gave me a drug called methatrexate which basicly kills the bub, but it doesnt always work but it did with me. after a week in hospital feeling misserable missing my hubby and daughter i went home the next few months were hard for me i decided i didnt want anymore kids. but 5 months later i got preg again. i was petrafied i had to have a early scan to make sure it wasnt ectopic again and it wasnt i was so scared to even look at the screen but there he was moving and a strong heart. i carried him till 41 weeks and had only a 4 hour labour. i gave birth in a spa at the hospital and he is just the best little man he is so perfect. its just a pitty cause i didnt once enjoy being preg i hated every minute of it. but now i know those losses were meant to happen. i got my perfect family a beatiful daughter and a adorible little boy.WHAT MORE COULD I WANT. i just feel for the woman out there that have to go through this when they have no children. if i didnt have my daughter and a very suporting husband i dont know that i would have coped.
my thoughts are with all the woman out there going through those tough times.


Hi everyone,

I am so sorry for all your loss - it breaks my heart for you all. Hubby & I spent 6 yrs trying for a baby finally fell pregnant with twins through IVF. Unfortunately at 6 weeks I lost one of the babies but delivered a beautiful girls 36 weeks later. I did not enjoy the rest of the pregnancy - spent it absolutely terrified that something was going to go wrong. I felt that no-one else understood this fear but after reading your stories I know that you guys do. I realise that I am one of the lucky ones as I now have 3 beautiful girls who mean the world to me. I often think about how we were never supposed to be able to have kids, the little one I lost & then look at the girls & think it was all worth the pain.

Lisa,NSW, mum of 3

Isn't it weird how this is so common. You think it is only a handful but look at the response here.

I too have had a terrible time. My first pregnancy was all fine apart fom premature labour at 33 weeks but my son coped really well and is now 11yrs. I then changed partners and at 23yrs i found out my baby (23weeks gestation) had complications and we had to terminate the pregnancy it is so hard to bury someone that ou think will outlive you but our daughter Chloe has gone to another place a better one and is waiting for us to join her in years to come. I then fell again and lost it at 7 weeks. And yet again i tried and at 12 weeks went for a scan to find i had a blighted ovum, this is where the placenta and womb grow but there actually isn't a baby in there. So i tried again and at 9 weeks i lost it again. I then had a miracle (as i thought) i had a daughter Haylee (3yrs) and thought ok while i'm having luck lets go again i was 17 weeks and got septacemia which brought on labour and i delivered a stillborn girl. I thought after this why put myself through this again as i had been pregnant 7 times but only had 2 live children. I then fell again and had another daughter Kate (16mths) and then to my surprise fell straight after to delivr another girl Lily (4mths). So after 9 attempts i have 4 beautiful children.

Sometimes things don't turn out the way we want them to but if you really want it bad enough eventually luck will come to you. So never give up hope as you too could be telling this story too. Happy and greatful for the children you do get to know and watch grow. Perserverence is the key

Karen, NSW, 11,3,1yrs & 3mths

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