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  5. any1's baby born around or on april 11th, 03?

any1's baby born around or on april 11th, 03? Lock Rss

hi, i'm new here, & thought it would be nice to talk to other mums whos babies were born on or around april11, luv to chat smile......lorraine.
The closest I come to that is a boy on May19th. Also I have a set of twins that are 5yrs old, Boy-Girl. I will chat if you want to. I have posted my email addy in the Adelaide post under Di.

Hi Lozzy,
My daughter was born on the 5th April 2003. I am happy to chat anytime. Do you have a daughter or son?
hi kj, i have a daughter, 7mth old:)..... she was much longed for, as i also have 4 boys, r u on msn or yahoo chat?................luv to chat......take care lozzy.
hi Lorraine!
my daughter was born April 18th '03 smile email me if you like [email protected]

Angelica Mum to Troy (6) Aaliyah (4) & Carlos (1)

My son was born on the 26th April 03. If you want to email me please do, [email protected]

Karlee, WA, 1 & 2 yr old boys.

My son was born on Easter Saturday - April 19th 2003. He was born on what would have his great grandfathers birthday. I'll chat if you like. Contact me on [email protected]

Mother of 3, Qld

Hi. My daughter was born 3 months premature on 13/01/03, but her due date, which we take her adjusted age from is the 11/04/03 - so even though she is 11 months old she is only at the size and developmental stage of an 8 month old.
I have a girl born on May 22, but she was 4 weeks early.
Happy to chat if you want, she's my first.
email [email protected]


Jasmine, 8 months

Hi Lozzy.
My daughter was born on 11 april 03. 7:51pm. and was 8'11 lbs and 53 cm long at birth. What a way to send their 1st birthday, on Easter!!!

Email me: [email protected]

Mum to Vanessa (April 03)

and my birthday is 4 days later.

Mum to Vanessa (April 03)

My son was born on 10/04/03 He was 8lb 7oz and his name is Oliver. Not long until his birthday! My sister also lives in NZ!

Mum to 3
Boy 12, girl 8 Boy nearly 1
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