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My name is Kathy, I have 5 children and I have been on Prozac for about 11 years now on and off, anyone else out there who can relate to me as far as pnd.
I have just been diagnosed with PND and they have suggested that I look at going on prozac although I must admit that I am a little scared.

Have you found that this has helped you at all??
How did you know that you were a sufferer and did you suffer with all of your children??

It would be nice to hear how other people are coping with it and that I am not alone.

Bec, TAS, 5mth baby boy

hi i was hoping that you wouldn't mind if i asked you a question? a lady i know was recently diagnosed with pnd but does not want to talk about it but i was wondering if you are suffering from it are you aware of it? even if it is not specific do you realize that there is something wrong. i hope you don't mind me asking but i would better like to understand what mums are going through

Kelly,QLD, boy 23.01.03 and girl 08.04.05

I was diagnosed with PND about 2 months ago and I was put on an anti-depressant called Zoloft. My doctor didn't want to put me on anything stronger because there are many side effects with the stronger drugs. I think it really depends how much you are suffering PND. My husband has threatened to leave because of some of the stupid things I did before I was diagnosed. We are going through a really rough patch at the moment but I am trying to stay positive and know that I am improving. I was told that the main thing in regards to going on an antidepressant is to rebalance the chemicals in your brain so that you can think more clearly as happens after you've had a baby. It is very scary and although I am coping better with my post natal depression, my husband is not. I hope things are now going well for you.
I know how hard it is with depression as I to suffer from it. I twins that have just turned 5 and I have a 5 month old and I've been on medication since I was 4months pregnant. Its a battle that you have to deal with every day. As all I want to do is kill myself but with the medication it helps me cope. I'm doind this all by myself as my partner and I split when I was 2months pregnant. All of my children are very good, they sleep well and the older ones help me out alot. I found that sometimes sharing with someone you can trust as to what you are feeling and going through. By all means you are not alone and there is help out there but you have to want it so you can get better. I'm sure that your husband and family love you very much and it would be a little hard for them to understand what you are going through unless you have been through it yourself. Just think that there are people out there that care and love you very much and just hang in there.

I too have had PND, and am still on Zoloft from the birth of my last daughter (15months). I have 4 babies, and even though you seem to sense the emptiness growing inside its very hard to come to terms with it. Alot of women, I know I am one of them, think that they are failing........letting every one down. But just have the hardest job in the world, for which there is no manual provided for you. Its not something that have alot of control over......I have spoken to my children (the older ones) and have explained to them that mummies brain is not working properly and needs a little kick start. lol. They seem to be more understanding...and a little more helpful.
My husband and I have gone through alot of fighting and crying over PND, but we seem to pull through it and are still going strong.

Take care

Full time mum to Sam, Levi, April and Livvy QLD

Hi Kathy, I know what it is like, I have been on Zoloft for over a year now, and wish i could get off of it. I know i need it though. Things were really rough after the birth of my daughter. I left her father after six weeks, moved back with my parents and found raising a baby just this mammoth task. It took me six months to realise there was something wrong. Without the Pills i don't think i would have been able to cope with my now beautiful 21 month old girl!

i feel like i've got such a long story to tell, i don't even know where to start?!
...i have 3 sons, at present they are: 5;3 1/2; 2. my PND started with the 1st one and has continued through. as you can tell, i had them fairly close together. i used to look at my extremely precious (1st) gorgeous boy and tears would run down my face. i was just sooo happy and even though i was young, he was the baby i had wanted for a LONG time!!! i assumed this was normal-i just thought that my emotions had suddenly let loose because of the birth (i was not normally a cryer, even at really sad movies! -that has definitely changed!). it wasn't until i was talking to my very good friend & mentor (she had baby #6 about 8wks before my 1st) & told her about this and she went, "ehhh, that's not good". i suddenly realized that there were other things that were happening that were not "normal". my husband (well, then fiance) & i who had NEVER (hard to believe, i know!) had a heated argument in the whole 5yrs we'd been together were CONSTANTLY arguing??? amongst other things. i spoke to a child health nurse when my baby was almost 3 months old. i can't remember what i was told. i know that i did the PND questionnaire-thingy. i'm assuming now that my score was not high enough to warrant any further action as i was given no further help. a few days after this, my husband was in a serious car accident. he ended up with a fractured pelvis (which wasn't picked up straight away), broken toes and bones in his feet, back injuries and concussion. he wasn't handled very well by the system and i have no doubt that this was a HUGELY contributing factor to him going through SEVERE depression in the subsequent years (he has never sort professional help-is very ANTI-medication and very much keeps all his emotions inside). my PND prevented me from coping very well with his invalid state and i'm sure i was also a contributing factor to his depression, as his was to mine getting worse. i had this helpless little baby and a fairly helpless adult. i only seemed to be able to cope with and focus on one person at a time, and since my baby was the more helpless one, it ended up being him. i really neglected my poor husband and regret it to this day. we have been through some EXTREMELY rocky patches, but have gotten through stronger than ever. when my baby son was 11months old, we found out i was pregnant again. despite all of what i have mentioned previously, we had planned and organized a wedding. we were married when i was 5 months pregnant. after my second son was born, i recognized the signs and sought help yet again for PND. this time i was referred to a social worker at the local community health care clinic. i was encouraged to join a group run by the social worker. it was an 8wk course that helped us to learn strategies to cope and overcome while red cross ladies looked after our little darlin's. although it was the light of my week and i am still very close with the other 3 girls who went through it with me, i can't say that it really did anything for me. i did ask my doctor about medication this time round and was told that i had a choice between breastfeeding or medication (although it doesn't sound like it, he was and is very supportive and understanding). i made the choice to continue breastfeeding, deciding my PND wasn't THAT bad that i had to deprive my child the nourishment of breastmilk or myself, the enjoyment and closeness of it. when my (2nd) cherub was about 11 months old, i had a car accident. although there were no serious injuries, it was a serious accident and my 2 sons & i were so fortunate not to have been killed! as soon as i got out of my car, my 1st thoughts were that i had fallen asleep at the wheel. the more that i thought about it, and to this day, i am convinced that i had low blood pressure & passed out (i won't go into detail exactly how i came to that conclusion, this story is already WAY too long!!!). i found out 6wks later that i was pregnant and had a scan at 13wks to check dates (it was thought that i would be only about 9/10wks?!). i missed the whole 1st tri-mester! it was great in the fact that the pregancy would go fast and i would have my reward at the end of it quicker (i LOVE being pregnant, though!). but it also meant that i had been about 3wks at the time of my accident. that basically confirmed to me that low blood pressure was the cause. not long after this, i began to feel terrible within myself and started to see the signs of PND again-even though i hadn't yet had my baby. i had ANTE-Natal Depression...???!!! it only got 10 times worse after my gorgeous 3rd boy munchkin was born and i asked my doctor again about medication and pleaded with him to find something for me that i could take and continue to breastfeed. my baby was about 2 months at this time. my doctor unfortunately couldn't help. i trudged on about another 3 months. my husband couldn't put up with me anymore-not that i could blame him! and i just HAD to do SOMETHING. so this time, i was prepared to give up my breastfeeding because i realized how bad it had gotten. i went to my doctor and he gave me the good news that all the instructions had changed with regards to breastfeeding and anti-depressants and that there were some that i could now take and still continue breastfeeding!!! although a little cautious, i was ecstatic! i began my medication (ZOLOFT) almost 2 yrs ago now and have had LOTS of ups-and-downs throughout, but have now FINALLY had the confidence and ability to go off them! i have been weaning myself for about the last 4 months. i was so scared to come off them in case i turned back into the mummymonster that i was, but it feels sooo good to finally be rid of them. i'm still not 100% but i'm still going through withdrawals and the medication is still leaving my body. so, fingers-crossed...this is it!!! :'(

3 boy bundles of joy under 6, qld

Geezz woman, dont you ever sleep *grin*
Psstt im not stalking you LOL!!

I keep thinking lately that I only wish i was iin a Position to have helped keep the group running.

If there are any women out there who need a support group or the like, approach your local helath centre, and see if they can help you.

Or You could attempt to create your own informal one. (If anyone is interested in doing so, I might be able to give some suggestions, so feel free to e-mail me at nicegal[email protected])

Sharon, 24, Qld, 2 boys 3 & 5, girl 1.

Just been reading your posts on PND. After I had my beautiful daugther in 1998 I got PND. I think that it was due to the fact that I was so young (19) and I just realised that my life had just had a huge change. It wasn't just me now I had a dependant. My Partner (now husband) wasn't much support then either. I would cry from when Darren left work in the morning till he came home at night.
But then one day I just woke up one morning and felt like a huge weight had been lifted from me.
In January this year I had our second, a beautiful baby boy (aren't we just a little biased when it comes to our children smile) and had no signs of PND. Which I was glad of.
But to all of the mum's out there who have this terrible evil thing, there is light at the end of the tunnel and I wish you all the best of luck.
Best be off I think my son is trying to climb out of his cot (10 months of age!!)
Luv to all Tam smile

Tammie,WA,10mth baby boy

Thanks to all the women for sharing your accounts about PND. It really is great to know that there are people who have ridden the wave and come out at the other end. I guess I'm only just starting to realise this now that I've started and on 4th week of my medicine. The heavy clouds are lifting (not waking going, oh bother, another day!). I am actually looking forward to all the things I plan for myself and my baby. The weeks are flying past.

I also have a gret councillor. I really do recommend like all the others that if you need help seek & find what suits you. I have family members who suffered PND many many years ago and they never got the support they required and they find themselves reliving their PND through what I'm going through. I've really made an effort to heal my 'hurts' so that I can look forward to having another baby in the future (perhaps once I come off the tablets?)...

Thank you to everyone for your contributions on this subject because it really does make a
difference, well I should say, it has for me!'

hi all, i dont know if i have pist natal depression but i did score badly on the tests they give you when preg and the one they sent out after i had my bub. but any way since i had my second bub im very moody i scream at my 3 nearly 4 yeart old all the time and say things i dont mean and i always feel like my house is dirty no matter how much i clean. im not to bad with my bub as hes a very good baby but i do get stressed with him at times like when he puts his hands in his moth while im feeding him his dinner but im sure we all hate that. but i just have no patiance and my hubby is so great and supporting to me but i just cant seem to show him and affection anymore (i love him to bits though).
what do yous think? i feel stupid going to my doc and talking about it..

[email protected]

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