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Whats your nickname for your baby/child? Lock Rss

I realised the other day how silly some of the nicknames for my bubba are!
Whay are yours?

Mine are:
Little Jabba (the resembled jabba the hut when she was born!!)
Missy Moo
Little Minsk
Cheekey Munkey

My husband calls her: Beautiful & Button
(Good on ya Dad!!!)

dd b. 31/07/05

For my eldest DD:

Katherine (her middle name)
Aka Lily (cause she is named after MIL)
Princess (by Dad)

YOungest DD:

Sissy (by big sister)
Monkey Monkey
Princess (by Dad)
Gummy Bear

That was fun!!!
Nicknames, Some of mine are crazy made up ones (beacuse I get bored smile ).

Bubs real name is Brooklyn!

Sookie (dad)
Sooklyn (also dad)
Fandoogalie and Duappy (my bellys names before bub was born, stil in use sad ).
Stinky boy ( @ nappy change time, we have a song for this 2 )
Boobie Monster

Nat x

hi everyone
i have a girl 8 mths old. She loves to put her thumbs in her mouth all the times. She is annoyed when i take her hands down. i bought a small bottle from chemists to prevent she suck her thumbs, but could not stop her doing that. pleases anyone teach me what todo


we have a few nicknames for our daughter. The main one is

others are

cheeky monkey
baby girl

dad calls her bitch face. he just loves teasing her. and she response to him

philippa mum of Charley chicken

we call Lillie

Sugar booger
Sugar muffin
Rat bag

oh my gosh they look so silly when u write them out lol

Lillie....1 year old!!!

Thomas gets

Cheeky Monkey
Chunks of Cheeks ( he's got chubby cheeks )
Thomathy ( My sister chose Timothy for a boy & when we were discussing names we started calling him that )
Bubba &
Bubba Boy.

Rebecca, Melb, son Thomas 18.01.05

RJ coz its too hard having 2 richards in one household n richard junior is too long to say... we just come up with rj to make it easier for everyone
My dd is Samantha Rose

Mine are:
ChubChub (chubby cheeks)
Bear (Pooh Bear, my fav)
Pumpkin (also her nanna's nickname 4 her)
and the normal - beautiful, darling, sweetie etc

Her aunty calls her "little buddy" or "wormie" cause when she's wrapped up she wriggles like a worm.

Her dad calls her his "possum" or "poss"

I suppose some will stick with her as she grows, it will be interesting to see which ones though.
names for my bub:

bubba girl

Sam and Hayley and bub

I call my four month old DD "chubba bubba" coz she certainly is.

hi there

i call my daughter

possum magic
cuddle bunny
and precious(cause shes the most precious thing in my lfe)

my nickname 4 1 of my nieces is bubba blue eyes cause she has the biggest beautiful blue eyes on the plannet( well i think so and so does my sissy)

my partner calls his 4yo angel.

steph n alexis 20mths and pregnant with 2nd bub

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