Hi, my daughter was born with a form of Arthrogryposis. It is a conditon that affects the way your joints and muscles are formed.
In my daughters case, her thumbs are turned inward into her palm. She had a cleft palate, and her legs cannot completly straighten, and her feet turn outwards. She wears AFOs to correct her feet, and also hand splints. Operations on her hands are on the horizon.
My daughter still acts like any normal 21 month old, and walks and talks (speech is typical of a clefy kid). Mentally she is quite intelligent. She has found ways to overcome her disabilities and never lets it get in her way.
We cherish everyday with her, and make sure that this condition will not affect her in anyway. She brings so much joy, to my hubby and myself and our little boy, who adores his little sister.
I was wondering if there are other parents out there who have children like Lauryn or with other conditions, that I can talk too. Sometimes i find it very hard to understand why, even though she is just beautiful and lights up our life. I would love to talk to someone out there who has been through similar stuff. Sorry this has been longwinded.