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Post Natal Depression Lock Rss

When I had Ella, I believed I had post natal depression. I was crying constantly & didn't know why. I was scared, but didn't know what of. I was so anxious that I couldn't sleep. The only way I felt happy was to have my husband or mum with me. Getting out of the house & having something to do or look forward too also helped. I spoke to the health nurse & my GP about this, but both didn't think I had it. If I didn't have it, I would like to know what it was, because as I read, "baby blues" only last a couple of days. This lasted 5wks for me, which is probably nothing to most of you who are still dealing with it. It was the longest 5wks of my life!

My mum seems to think it was just the way it all turned out. I went in for a scan at 38wks as they thought bubs was too small, they found her in breech position & her little foot was stuck on my pelvic bone, I was admitted straight away & had a caesarian 4hrs later. I guess I'd hoped that I was going to have a vaginal birth & really looked forward to experiencing contractions, waters breaking, etc etc- crazy I know, but thats part of the thrill of having a child. In the end I think I agree with her, plus the whole being a 'new' mum hit me too.

Anyway, my main concern is that I'm pregnant again (yay!!) & I'm wondering if anyone knows what my chances are of getting PND again? I couldn't bear going through that again.

Hope you can help...

Carlie, Ella & Ky


I had the same. No contractions, no labour - and a c-section. I was really upset about the whole thing. I know exactly how you feel. Sort of cheated as you dont know what is feels like to give birth. I was really upset after Kieran was born. I think it was the whole - overtired, shock, not experiencing birth etc. and I cried alot - I put it down to being exhausted. But whenever other mums talked about how painful childbirth is - I felt I was missing something.
Second time round all looked good for natural birth - but then same thing. No labour, no contractions NOT EVEN ONE - scheduled c-section again. I got really ill after my c-section but I did not cry like the first time. Holly was an easier baby and I knew what to do and was not so stressed out and exhausted.
Becoming a mum for the second time - for me anyway - was completely different.

Sonia, NSW, Kieran 25/7/02, Holly 13/10/05

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