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I'm Christy (21),
I live in Sydney with my daughter Ella, (14/03/02).

Would like to get to know other young Mums.

My email address is

Look forward to hearing from you all!!

Love Christy
I too are a young mum. I was 19 when I had my daughter who is now 4yrs old and my son, Lachlan was born 26.03.03
You can email me at
hi guys, im tracy. im a young mum too. im 17 and my son is 4 months old, he was born on th 13/7/03. and is GORGEOUS. i love him to bits. my email address is if yopu wanna talk.
Tracy smile

Tracy, NZ Zachy and J

Hi Christy, bob and tracey,

I am 24 next month and have a 13 week old boy.. if you would like to email me feel free.. my email addy is if you have msn you can add me on that and we can chat sometime.

talk soon

Mel, Briz, 3 children

Hi Christy,

My name is Michelle (31). I live in Sydney with my husband (31) and son Corey born 14th March 2003.

Anytime during the week you want to chat let me know. (work email so might take a while to get back to you.

Take care.

Michelle, mum to Corey 14/3/03 - Bankstown

Hi there Christy. I'm 22 my son is 15 months old. Over the course of leaving school, getting into the workforce and then having a child, friends have become pretty thin on the ground, therefore the conversation I get is mostly baby talk, or colleagues all about who the bitch is of the office. So any conversation would be fantastic especially from another Young Mummy.

My Email is
Hi Michelle,

22 In Sydney. 15 Month old son. My Name is Tammy and I would love to talk to other Mums about the kids or just general.

Email is
Hi tracy.

My little man is only 2 days younger than your little boy
what did you name him? and what was his birth weight and length???

My little man is joshua he was 50cm long and 6 pound 8

Would be great to chat to you since are little ones are so close in age
My email is

Mummy to Joshie 15/07/03 & Hannah Lily 26/02/06

Hey Christy, My daughter is Ella too. She is 7 months old and gorgeous of course! Don't you just love the name Ella! Anytime you want to chat or ask something my e-mail is I'm no expert though! I just go with whatever my daughter wants!

Rachel, 20mth girl + 1 on the way

Hi Christy, Im not quite 21 I live inland (near Tamworth) with my two Steph 2 & Ben 8 months and their father. I would love someone my own age to chat with as I live in a small village and the most convo I get is from my mum or mum in law my defacto is 11 yrs older w/ older friends & Im kinda tired of sitting in on convos with the wives when Im really not welcome or becoming convenient babysitter.

My email is I have msn too

Mikarla 21, NSW, girl 2yrs, boy 9 months

Hi Christy my name is Amanda I am 19 and have a 2year old son Enjay and a 7 month old daughter Ebony (mind you everyone calls her waa waa as this was all my son could say when she was born.
Would love 2 chat anytime my email is

Amanda 2yr and 7mth

Hi Christy. i;m karlee, im 22 and have two boys. Jarrod is 20 months and Matthew is 8 months. I was 20 when i had Jarrod and 21 When I had matthew. If you want to chat email me
Hope to hear from you

Karlee, WA, 1 & 2 yr old boys.

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