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Encopresis Lock Rss

Just wondering if anyone on this site has heard of encopresis or if their children have it. My son has just been diagnosed with it and I was just wondering if anyone else was going thru the same thing our family is with it?

sarah,perth,4 year old son

My youngest does not have encopresis, but bowel problems are one of the effects of spina bifida, including chronic constipation, leaking etc. I'd be happy to chat about what we are doing to manage, what long term prognosis is for him and what the management techniques suggested to us are. Post back here, or let me know if you want to chat privately and I'll send my email address to you.
Hi thanks for your post, I would be so happy if you could talk to me about it, I am just at my wits end as for what to do about it for my son, so yes anything you have would be great. Thanks heaps

sarah,perth,4 year old son

my address is rjurecky at msn dot com - feel free to mail me and I'll talk to you about some of the management techniques we use. Currently he is managing on lactulose once daily, plus a Microlax enema every two days. It's not the best, he's still leaking and having some problems, but he refuses most of the other treatments, so its difficult. Its getting worse because he's trying to toilet train himself - you can imagine how that is!
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