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single mother starting a new relationship Lock Rss

hey all i'm a 20yr old sinlge mother with a 16 month old gorgeous little girl, Louisa.

I am not with the father, due to him not wanting to be apart of her life, and have been single for the first 13 months of her life.

Recently i met an amazing guy who not only loves me, also loves louisa just as much, which is what i found was hte hardest thing about starting a new relationship, a lot of young guys were not willing to accept her, and in turn ran away as soon as they found out about her.

I was wondering if anyone else has had the same trouble, and if they had as good an outcome as me smile


Amy,SA,16mth girl

Hi Amy

Well I am a 36 single mother of five, I thought no guy would even look at me for a relationship, but like you have found a great guy. Goes to show, there are some good guys out there, it just may have taken us a while to find them.

Luv Donna

mum of 5 -

hi louisasmum,i know what you are going through i have two children from a previous relationship and i was single till my youngest was 14 mths old.i thought i'd never meet anybody for a least ten years but i did meet a wonderful man and he treats my children as if they were his own,we have been toghether for three years now and have a beautiful 2 mth old baby girl,just because you are a single mum doesn't mean you are alone and i wish you the best of luck. best wishes yasmin



The father of my eldest 2 left me when the children were 6 months, and 19 months. I was worried that I would never meet anyone else, especially since my ex was such a horrid person, causing all sorts of problems for me.

I ended up joining up with an introduction agency, just to get me out meeting new people.

Well, nearly 4 years later we are engaged with a 2 month old son.

My ex is still causing lots of problems, and my fiance has found it tough going at times, but he is a truely wonderful guy, and I feel that I am more appreciative of him because of what I have been through.

I hope your life is fantastic with this guy, and everything works out wonderfully...

Lyndal, ACT, 6yo boy, 5yo girl, 8wk boy

It's great, isn't it, finding out there are actually some wonderful men on the planet. My first husband kicked me out when my oldest was 9 months old, I went 8 years or so without anyone showing any interest at all so I fostered my boy (now 3) then got involved with the wrong guy and ended up pregnant. He didn't want to know me after that but when I was 8 weeks pregnant a friend set me up on a blind date (how tacky is that) with an old friend of hers. At the time she didn't know that I was pregnant but I was pretty quick to tell him. The next time we went out he not only gave me flowers but also a gift for the baby. He was keen to get to know my other kids too and very quickly fell in love with my daughter Sky. What's more he has a great deal of patience with Murry who is possibly autistic and although he is very trying sometimes Lee has grown to love him too. I had known him two months when he asked me to marry him (which I did in March) and was my saviour whilst giving birth to my daughter...I truly couldn't have done it without him, and Ashley is definately his little girl. He treats all my kids as his own and me like his own personal princess. And the amazing thing, all this has happened and it's exactly one year and two days since that blind date...happily ever after.

Erin,W.A. kids 12,5,2 and 1

Hi Everyone,

Well my situation is quite the opposite..

I am 24 next month and met my fiance when i was 22.. We met in a bar of all places and have been together ever since.. He was 31 with 2 children a boy who turned 3 just after we got together and a little girl who had just turned 1 when we got together.. There mother sadly passed away quite suddenly when the youngest was only 6 months.. And I am sure my fiance had the same thoughts as you ladies did.. I will admit that it was very hard to start with to take on 2 children and become a mother when it was not what i had expected or how i expected my life to go.. But in saying that I would not change it for the world, I love the children to bits and Adam makes me very very happy. I could not imagine life without them now. And now we have just had our first baby together in August the 5th, a beautiful baby boy.. I will tell you i still have my times when everything gets on top of me or at least feels that way, but i love it, and i just think that everything happens for a reason and this was meant to be, as sad as the incident was with his wife..

This is the trippy part.. One of our friends (was adam wifes best friend) told adam that she went to a fortune teller kind of thing and was told that Monique was sending someone to him that would love both him and the kids.. Not long after we met..

I know this isn't what you were all talking about but i thought i would tell you anyway, so you might be able to see things from the other angle..

Congratulations to everyone though.. I am happy that everything has all worked out and you have all met someone that loves both you and your babies..

Mel, Briz, 3 children

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