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What's the funniest T-Shirt(bib) line have you seem before? Rss

Last week, my husband came home and told me he saw a toddles' T-shirt printed: You can wait for them start talking and walking, but now you want them to sit down and shut up.

I love those baby clothes with printed words on them, which ones have you seem before? Here are some few that my baby boy has,

* GrandDad Loves me
* When god made me, he was just showing off
* Have you kissed a baby today?

Luke, with the force 27/07/2005

Hi wasabi2,

My son got that T-Shirt the other day...but it said;

"They can't wait for me to start walking and talking, all they ever do now is tell me to sit down and shut up".

There's one "I'm so happy because I have the best MOM in the whole world"....Very cute.

My son has one that says "But Why?"....on the front and on the back is say's "Because".
the funniest one i saw was a tshirt with
"mummy thinks grandma's a b***h. daddy agrees. so does grandpa"
i thought it was classic, but didn't get it because i just knew it would offend my mum or MIL!!!!!

Tania. WA, Daniel - 26/01/06... smile

My daughter bailey has a tshirt that it balck and white stripes wit a pink skull and cross bone on it and it says "bad girls ROCK" its so cute. Everyone looks at her wen she wears it cos she's only 5 1/2 months old

i got a email the other day with a baby and on his shirt it said "all daddy wanted was a blow job" naughty but still funny
my favourite that i have bought my daughtr is 'try crying it works for me'
lots of people bought me bibs when my boy and girl twins were born and one says he started it and the other she started it

mother of 11month old twins

My son has a "little boy big attitude" sooo true some days.

DS 13months

the best shirt i have come accross is


I thought it was a classic and agree with it 100%

nicky,qld,byron 15/09/05

My son has a Tshirt that says "I'm with stupid" with a picture of a hand pointing up the side as though you walking next to him!

Danielle, mum to Luke 18mths, 27 weeks with no2

a friend had t- shirt made when she was preggers
it read : womb with a view

rachel,sa mum of darien 8, lucas 2

One of our friends got Charlie a shirt that says 'Born to be bad, just like my dad'. We also got one with the AC/DC lettering but it says AB/CD.

Charlie girl 15/01/06 & Dean the Machine 22/08/09

my lil boy has a t shirt it says: 50%mummy,50% daddy, 100%cute he did have a top that said i love my daddy and on the back my daddy loves me but he greww out of it in2 weeks

ive seen this hat with elmo playing an electric guitar and it says AB\CD INSTEAD OF AC DC

S2-Lois -Adel-DS - 01/03/06-S2

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