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I named my daughter Lucy Elizabeth. Lucy is the name of my Great Grandma (my mother's, mother's, mother). I thought it would be nice to go up the female line for a girl. I never met my Great Grandma as she passed away when my Grandma was very young but I have been told she was sweet and kind like my Grandma and, although I would have loved to name my daughter after my much loved and missed Grandma, I think Margory would be hard to live with (especially with Marg Simpson etc.). My Mum's name is Lynda and Lucy is reasonably close to her name and she is very special to me. My Mum used to be called Lyndy Lu and now Lucy gets Lucy Lu which is cute. I had also thought of Lucinda (Lucy and Lynda) but it might have been a bit confusing if someone was calling out to one of them and the other thought it was them. It's also nice to have a simple, easy to spell name (although I didn't realise how popular it has become). My name is Bronwyn and, although it's not too unusual, it was annoying having people using the wrong spelling and not pronouncing it properly as I was growing up. I'm now just Bron or Broni to everyone which is easier. As far as Elizabeth for a middle name - it is my middle name and seemed to work well with Lucy as well as being the name of royalty (we call her our princess or 'her highness' as this seems to suit sometimes as she very easy to spoil). There were some Elizabeth's on her Dad's side too.
My best friend has a daughter 3 months older than Lucy and she has also chosen a name based on old family names. She called her Pearl Avis. Still very unusal but well enough known so she won't have any trouble with it.
Another unusual name for a girl is Danica (pronounced Daneeka). This is my neice's name with Jade as a middle name because they sound good together and the ititial's DJ are cute. It's a very popular name in The States and her father is from the island of Bermuda where it is also popular. She gets Nica as a shortened version. My sister didn't put a birth notice in when she was born because she didn't want anyone copying it, although a couple of years after she was born, we saw it used a few times.
I think a name is the biggest decision you can make about your childs future so I found it very hard but ended up going back to one of my original thoughts.

Have fun,

Broni and Lucy (18/10/02)

Lucy's Mum

i love Enjay its a great name. its nice to see someones child with a unique name something you've either never seen before or something you dont see very often. my hats off to you. my fiance thought it was just as creative and unique and fairly cool just like i did.



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Hi all,
My name is Selena and means "Moon goddess" and my Bubs name is Vanessa Alexandra. i know Vanessa mean "Butterfly" but i forgot the meaning for alexandra.

Mum to Vanessa (April 03)

we on purpose picked names that cant be hortned hubby is a teacher at a boys school and sys boys dont the long versions of their names we hve brad. blake and ryan

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Maybe shorten it to Liam (last four letters). Mind you, nothing to stop you from insisting on William! Go with how you feel, if you really don't like other 'nicknames' but like William, stick with that..
Hi Everyone,
I know that I'm late in joining this post but it's a fun one. My Hubby & I chose 1 boy's name & 1 girl's name before we got married so that when we fell pregnant there would be no debate. We went with Patrick Martin (Patrick we both like & Martin is my hubby's family name) & Camryn Nicole (Hubby liked Camryn & I thought it was lovely & Nicole after my middle name). We then had Camryn.
When we next found ourselves pregnant we began a huge debate. Again we went for Patrick Martin but it took me ages to remember the other girls' names we had on our 'short list' when we'd earlier had the discussion. About half way through the pregnancy I remembered Gabrielle was one of the names we both liked but couldn't for the life of me remember the other one. Hubby was no help. Everything I came up with (I'm a teacher so I see many) he would just say 'no' to. FInally about 2wks before our second arrived I recalled our other choice which was Katriona. It was then which order to put them in. When our second beautiful girl was born I sent my hubby into where they were reviving her (traumatic birth but he didn't tell me about the workout she got until she was a month old) to decide what order they would be put in. Gabrielle Katriona she is. She's affectionately known as 'The Gab' becuase that's exactly what she does.
I still love both my girls' names & have never met anyone who hasn't thought that their names completely suit them.

Peta, NSW, mum of 2 gorgeous girls

Our daughter's name is Ellie Grace. One night when I was pregnant, I was reading in bed and a character in the book was called Ellie. I turned to my husband and suggested it and he quite liked it. We then realised that Ellie is a combination of both our names (Eddie & Michelle), so that sealed it for us. We used Grace as a middle name just because it sounded nice. Our baby boy's name is Luke John (very religious sounding, however we're not very religious!!!) My husband insisted that if we had a boy, he had to have a normal, simple name; nothing fancy or trendy. He also wanted a short name as our surname is quite long. So Luke was the only name that met his criteria that we both agreed on. At the time there were other boys names I liked better (I love 'J" boys names), but Luke suits him. I can't imagine him with any other name. His middle name is John after my dad.
I also love hearing stories of how babies got their names. Whenever someone I know has a baby, I'm always dying to know what they've named it! And I always read the birth notices in the newspaper so I can check out all the names.
Hi Everyone,
I just had to add more information to this fun site. I'm a twin & my parents only found our 2wks before we were born that were getting two for the price of one! Mum can't remember what names they were going to pick for a boy but while they thought there was only one baby, Mum & Dad decided to name a girl Peta Loen. Once the 2 of us were born, Dad named me Peta Nicole & Mum finally got to call my sister Loen Maree (pronounced Lo-en, it's phonetic). Apparently Mum had read this beautiful name in a book when she was 16 yrs old (1957) & she instantly fell in love with it. Dad didn't like it as much so that's how it got shoved to a middle name. Mum was thoroughly overjoyed when she got to us it.
I love my sister's name but couldn't use it myself as my surname starts with "L". When we went to uni, a bunch of us were standing in the great hall of Syd. Uni. & my sister had wandered off so we all yelled out "LOEN" together & the poor girl beside us nearly fell over with shock. It was her name too & she is the only person we've ever come across with it.
It certainly is quite unique.

Peta, NSW, mum of 2 gorgeous girls

[Edited on 09/11/2009]
we chose short names for our boys that cant shortened my hubby is teacher at a boys school and says that the boys always shoten their mames eg chistpher gets chis, benjamin is bem etc oor sons are brad, blake and ryan for a girl i would choose ether something differnt that can be shortned as ts differnet with a girl my neice is madison but gets madi we chose middle names that ment some thing to us brads is richars after my fil blakes is john aftre my mils litttle brothter who died at 2 yrs.ryans is mika . i was born in finland and wanted a finnish name that was easy to say

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Hi everyone, I have two girls 12months apart and without realising I named them both E names. My first daughter is Emily Gail. Emily is after a great auntie and Gail after a very close auntie that passed away. My second daughter is named Ellen Myra. We always knew we were having myra as a middle name for a girl so Ellen just seemed to flow with that.

If we have another girl it will be Olivia Tonelle, Tonelle being a mixture of my husband and my names. If we have a boy he will be Aden Elton Gwynne. Elton is a mixture of our names and Gwynne is a name given to every boy in the family since their first ancestor arrived in Australia.

I love the names and reasons for them. Everyone has their own special meaning and I think that is fantastic.

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My son is a William as ever since I was little I wanted to name my son after my Grandfather who passed away when I was young. And as I was always poppy's girl I desperately wanted to do this. But my husband wasn't keen on it as he didn't really like Will or Billy which he was sure he'd be called if we insisted on William (everyone shortens names even the short ones).
Then I remembered a teacher I had at school shortening his son William's name to Liam. Hubby loved this idea as it couldn't be shortened, and I was happy as he was named after my pop.
Funnily enough I have 2 friends whose boys are also William, one hasn't been shortened and the other is known as Will.
A lot of our friends and family were unaware that he was a William until they got his thank-yous.
His middle name is Craig after his dad.
When we put the notice in the paper it was
William Craig
That way there's no confusing it. And he'll only get William if he's really in trouble. Friends have also told me they would have never considered it a way to shorten it and that we're very clever.

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