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Hi Definately different name in there, but i like it. I named my son Deklan Glenn, Throughout my pregnancy i liked the name Logan, (middle name was always going to be Glenn) but changed it at about 6.5 mths to Deklan. I chose this name as it didn't seem to be common at the time (Guess What??????) but also changed the spelling from Declan to Deklan. Glenn is after his dad(unfortunately he never got the chance to even know he was to be a father) and he has both mine and his dad's surnames hyphenated. Initials? DGTS!

BB,Vic,18 month son

i named my daughter Ella, meaning Beautiful fairy maiden, after reading an old story book which they called cinderella, Ella.
I fell in love with it at once
I think a names meaning is just as important as the name.

celeste,wa,baby Ella

Hi how interesting.... I am one of those wait till I see who they are before I name them people... For my first my other half & I were contemplating Geneveive... then 1 month before I had her (we didnt know it was a her I just didnt bother with boys names) I saw a sign up with Stephanie on it and it stuck in the back of my mind... When she was born we were going to see her personality then were told by Waynes cousin who owns the local pub if we didnt name her they would... So she got Stephanie Maree (my mums middle name)...
My son was to be named Darren after Waynes brother in law who had died of cancer 10yrs on the day after he was born.... I couldnt do it because he wasnt a Darren to me he was a boof headed Ben... so he got Benjamin Wayne... Ironically an elderly friend (the closest thing to a grandfather to me) had been calling him Benny from the day I told him I was preggas.... & I swpre I wasnt calling him that... and I did before I even realised it

Mikarla 21, NSW, girl 2yrs, boy 9 months

Hi Karen,
With my son, my hubby and I sat in front of the telly at night going through the alphabet trying to think of names. We eventually decided on Liam Joshua. Liam was one of our telly-watching-thinking names and Joshua was what a friend called my belly from the moment she found out I was Preg. The girls name we chose was Lian (leanne) Michelle. Lian was the name of one of my highschool teachers and I really liked the strange spelling. Michelle was a late night thought.

When I was preg with my daughter we decided that we couldn't use Lian now coz it was too similar to Liam. We are both Irish so we wanted to keep the Irish thing going.We also wanted to incorporate my hubby's Dad's name (deceased), John. So for a boy it was going to be Lachlan John. I had always like Siobhan for a girl and it was Irish so it fit in well. It turned out that Siobhan was the irish version of Jane, which is the female version of John. Very appropriate! The second name is Rosslyn which is a middle name of my mother, grandmother and cousin. I had so much fun picking names.

Funnily enough the names that we didn't use (Lian Michelle and Lachlan John) were only thought of in the last 2 weeks of each pregnancy. We just knew I guess.

Andrae,WA - Liam, Siobhan and Erin

Hello all,

My daughter's name is Madeleine Michelle. We choose this name because we wanted a french name. This spelling of Madeleine is french. The reason for a french name is that I researched mine and my husbands names for their origins and found out they were both french. Michelle Jean is my name - obviously french origins, Troy is my husband's name and apparrently it has french origins, plus our surname is french too. However we are not french, all Australian's. We also choose Madeleine because we liked the nickname Maddy, which my daughter affectionatley gets called all the time.

I am pregnant with baby number 2, if we have a girl we are thinking of calling her Isabella Elizabeth, the name Isabella comes from our family tree dating back to the 1800's and we think it is very pretty. Elizabeth is my best friend of the last 18 years, we grew up together and are as close as sisters. She is an only child and I never had a sister. If we have a boy, we will call him William, middle name undecided at this time. But William also comes from my husband's family tree. Every second generation on my husband's side has a son called William, there are no William's in the current generation, so we would like to carry on the tradition started in 1817.

My only dilema is that nicknames for William that I don't like are Will, Willie, Willy, Wills, Bill, Billie, Billy... does anyone have any unique suggestions for Shortening William??? Or can I be one of those mum's who insists that he be called WILLIAM only???

Hi michelle,
Other versions of William are Liam, Wiley,Willis and Ville. Hope they might help.

Andrae,WA - Liam, Siobhan and Erin


Thanks so much for your reply. I'm still not sure about those shortened versions either. But I appreciate your reply.

Michelle smile
My little girl's name is Rachael Monica. For years I've loved Stephanie, but I went off it as soon as I found out I was pg. I always liked Rachael too. Monica is after my grandma who passed away when I was 3 months pg. We don't shorten her name, we only call her Rachael or Monica or Rachael Monica lol.
I have 3 kids. My first was Aiden. I had always liked this name, but didn't like the way it was spelt. (Aidan) so I changed the 2nd "a" to an "e". He has two middle names, Paul William. Paul William was his grandfathers name, who was tradically killed before Aiden was conceived. William is also my husbands middle name.
Our daughter is Angelique Debra. Angelique is a name my husband had like for ages, and I liked it as soon as I heard it. Debra is my husbands mothers name.
Our youngest is Brady James. I first heard the name "Brady" from a Home and Away actor "Beau Brady," who plays Noah. I instantly liked the name, and it stuck in my mind for years. James comes from a very close family friend who passed away 13 years ago.
That's were all my kids got there names from.

Mother of 3, Qld

Hi Karen my name is Amanda and I have a 2year old son named Enjay this is because in my partners family they name the first born son after the father.( My partners name is Nathan) I had decided that I did not want 2 Nathans in the house so in the event that I had of called him Nathan his nickname would have been NJ so I decided 2 spell this and came up with Enjay

Amanda 2yr and 7mth

Hi there,
My son's name is Tristan. The reason for that is I once had a crush when i was younger and his name was Tristan. So I thought that since my crush was good looking thatn my son would be aswell. And well so far it has worked. My son has blue eyes and eyelashes that curl up to his eyebrow. Blonde hair with a bit of curl and olive skin. what more can a mum ask for. But most importantly he is very healthy.

Mel mum of one 30/4/03
hi there my name is narelle. me and bill had never talked about babies names before but we agreed on not calling our child something to original. like sarah, thomas, jack, john peter paul you get the idea. we both dont like the usual names people call their children. ever since i was 11 i loved the name Eilish i dont know where i heard it before but it was always going to be a name for my daughter. when bill and i got pregnant i said eilish (for all those who have no idea how its pronounced its eye-lish) formally Eilis' its irish. he loved it so that was our daughters name from 4 weeks pregnant. her middle name is Sienna (Sea-enn-ah) which is also different. i like the name brock too but my other half HATES holden with a passion so i'd never get to call a child that. i aint a real holden fan either so there goes that idea. i actually went to school with a boy named brock. austinn is an interesting way to spell it. a friend of ours has a son called Austen they call him aussie. I am a huge fan of whiskey (j.d) jack daniels too but they are two names i'd rather not call my son. i am proud to say that the year my daughter Eilish was born she was the ONLY one born in 2002. with dylan and names like that there was over 4000 so my daughter will be fairly unique in school. in the last 6 years in all of s.a there has only been 6 eilish's if that and 12 siennas. a few people i went to school with have named their daughters uniquely too there is a shakira, hirrani, india and rainne.

Narelle, Eilish 5th june 2002 TTC since dec 2002

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