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Hi there, my name is Karen, it is nice to find out where children's names come from if the are named after someone special or it's a family name or if it just has a special meaning. We never discussed names when we got pregnant it was always going to be 'Austinn Harvey' for a boy, WHY?, My husband is a mad keen Saint Kilda supporter (AFL) so his name comes from 2 players, Austinn - (from Austinn Jones) & Harvey - (from Robert Harvey). Does anyone out there have a special reason for choosing their childs name?

Austinn's mum

Hi Karen, I like the name Austinn, I've never heard it before. It is amazing where we get names from. As soon as we got pregnant we discussed names. We were on the internet until all hours of the morning looking at names and meanings. We didn't know what we were having so it was fun looking for names for both sexes. We originally wanted the name Brock for if it was a boy (my husband and I are both Holden V8 supercar fans - that is where Brock comes from (Peter Brock)). But then it was brought to our attention that the initials would be BHP, middle letter coming from my husbands name. We then decided on Cameron, just being a name we both liked. Name we originally chose for a girl was Lauren Nikki. Lauren was a name my husband had liked for a long time, and it grew on me, Nikki being my name. My husband then decided he liked the name Faith, but I wasn't keen on it, so we compromised and would use it as the middle name. So final decisions were Cameron Heath and Lauren Faith. Last Wednesday 18th June we celebrated Lauren Faith's 1st birthday.

Nikki, SA

Hi Karen,
I think its cool hearing how people named their children. I named all our 3 boys! Reuben David, After league player Ruben Wiki's legs wink and my Uncle David. Nathanael Vaughan, Loved Nathanael ever since i was little, hubby didn't but wanted to watch a league game one particular day. Said if i let him i go i could name the baby-DEAL! The Vaughan is after hubby. And finally our baby, Christian Jack Anderson. Was a bit worried about the HANS Christen Anderson thing, but oh well! Jack is after me (Jacquie-doubt i'll ever get that girl). Most my family call him Christian Jack even though its not hyphenated.
I love that my childrens names have had special thought.

smile Jacquie
PS, Austinn is really cool!

Jacquie, NZ, 3 sons.

Hi Jacquie,
Welcome to Huggies ' Parent Exchange', i have enjoyed reading your letters today it's nice to hear from someone new. Love the names of your children, i liked the way your family called your youngest 'Christian Jack' instead of just Christian thats nice i like it when people do that, it just fits like that and it's ment to be. A lot of people ask us if we call Austinn 'AUSSIE', but no we don't, i don't know if he ever will get called that, (maybe mates at school one day) but he is just an Austinn to us Aussie doesn't suit him. If we had of had a girl she was going to be 'Ella Madigan', (still will be if we ever have one), Ella because we just love the name, and Madigan is my grandmar's surname, (my mothers maiden name) and i really want to have a child named after my grandmar because she is just beautiful.

Austinn's mum

Hi our son's name is Joshua Luke. My husband and I originally liked Lachlan but his sister beat us to it. We like a few names but couldn't settle on one, then one night about 12 I woke hubby up and said "Joshua" and then went back to sleep. It was funny as I had a feeling that we were having a boy but nobody believed me, some even said he was a girl because of how I was carrying him. After that no other name seemed right, we couldn't even settle on a girls name though we had 3 we both love. We used Luke as his middle name because it is family tradition for the first born male of the first born male to have his dad's name for a middle name. Though we would have used Luke anyway. If we ever have a little girl her name will probably Hannah Jodi. Hannah because we both love it and Jodi because that is my name. We also like Charlotte but hubby say's if we name her that he will probably shorten it to Charli and despite knowing a wonderful little girl called Charli I really don't like the idea. Though after reading Aussiemum's e-mail I like the idea of some how incorporating my mum's maiden name (Jeffs) or my maiden name (Sampson) though bubby would have to be a boy for either of them to work. Happy Parenting.

1 wonderful boy 6 and another on the way

Thanks for the welcome Karen. I quite accidently found this site! Its kinda cool though really being able to catch up with other mums etc.
I understand how you are with Austinn's name as i feel the same with my boys. I don't see the point giving them a name and then shortening it. My real name is 'Jacqueline' and i have NEVER been called that. I tell my mum it was a waste of letters! None of my boys names get shortened and i like it that way, though i do realise it will happen one day with their friends. Thats ok too, but i'll call them by their full names. I had one Aunty saying that she might call Nathanael 'Nat', over my dead body i said! And my Grandmother wanted to call the two older boys 'Ben' and 'Nat', BLURK! I guess Christian might get Chris as he gets older, and my mum sometimes calls him CJ (first and middle initials) which is kinda cute... but Christian is his name!
Anyway, guess i've rattled enough about my "darlings" names now smile

Take care

Jacquie, NZ, 3 sons.

Hi Well names are funny things arent they? My eldest son (8yrs) is called Deven after a cricketer playing at the time i was preggers and we really loved the name. My other son (4mths) is named Logan and that was named after a guy in a show we saw late one night on TV and me and hubby looked at each other and went 'yep thats it!' We had Rylee picked for a girl....but Logan ended up with it as his middle name though spelt Riley! It's really not fun trying to agree on namesis it?
My son is Matui David Jawar... Matui is NZ Maori for Matthew because my husband is about 30% Maori; David because it's a family name on my husband's father's side (hubby is now the only one in 5 generations not to have the name David!) and Jawar is the name of a chef my step son (who's 23) used to work with, and we really liked the name.

If we have a girl she'll be Cheyenne-Jade Jessica...


I went for some simple boys names.
1st son I named Brett James. I had chosen two different names,Harley and Michael while pregnant but when I gave birth I suddenly thought of Brett. James is my dads middle name.
My 2nd son is Jayden David. We had picked 3 names Jayden,Jarrod and Jordan but he was definately a Jayden when born.His middle name is his dads middle name.
And my 3rd son is Thomas Daniel. Not Tom or Tommy just Thomas. We had Matthew, Thomas, Daniel and Samuel picked but he was a Thomas and Daniel because it went well together.
When I was pregnant I used to read the credits on every show or movie I watched then write down all the names I liked. We at one stage had about 20 names on list.
Hi My name is Gail and we have just had our first child. I once read that naming your child is one of the most precious gifts you give. We named our son (now 5mths, boy doesn't time fly) Jackson Lewis BRANDON_STEWART...... I always said to my dad called Jack that I would name my first son after him, even when I was a little girl i said that, Lewis after my husband, and Brandon-Stewart our hyphenated surname.
We jokingly told my mother we might call him Jack Daniel (we are bourbon drinkers)...she went and told EVERYBODY the name before he was even born. (she didn't get the joke.) Consequently we got a few cards adressed to Jack Daniel..


I love choosing names and hearing what others have called their babies.
My 4yr old daughters name is Aliysha Manea Monique, I wanted to call her Aaliyah so thats where the spelling of Aliysha (aleesha) comes from. Manea is rarotongan for beautiful (her father is rarotongan) and Monique after her Aunty. My 4mth old sons name is Lachlan Robert Alexander, Lachlan was a name I liked, Robert after my father and Alexander after his father.
hi there how are u my name is michelle i have 3 kids age 10 6 and 10 mths old yep a big gap lol i have on with adhd and o well i gess love them all am 28 years old and married i thought i would tip in to say hello to u hi>grin<
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