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Anyone with "I will NEVER do that when I have a child" stories? Rss

Hi Calebsmum,

I always said i would never put my child infront of the TV and that i would entertain her myself.... Ad i right this, she is plonked in front of the Tellie watching some bizzarre program that only she understands!!! If it makes them happy... do it.

Allison ( mum of one girl)
Hi everyone

I just had to respond to this because I've noticed that the topics that have recently been added to move to the top of the list and I REALLY would like everyone who's new to the site to read this topic. It's just so funny!!!!!!!! I had to go and get a tissue because I was laughing so hard I was crying!!!!! Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far but my favourite is the lady (sorry forgotten her name) who bought a huge box of vegies to cook her own healthy food for bub only to have half of the vegies go off prior to cooking and the other half go off after a power black out!!!!!! That is the sort of thing that I would do!!!!! Please add more stories everyone.

Jodie, Sydney, CJ born 5/12/03

I too can relate to this topic, I would be suprised if there were any mothers out there that couldn't!!!

Riley was NEVER going to have a dummy (he got one in hospital as he was in NICU), so how could I resist when it is so easy to pop it in and he would be asleep in seconds!!!! Wish me luck.... it's day four without it now and going strong!!!

Also.. I swore that he would always have a cloth nappy on at home!! I stocked up on them before he was born, but he has never worn one!!! I thought that I would just use the disposables for a couple of days while I got used to a baby in the house! Lucky cloth nappies are useful for so many other things!

Only time will tell if I can stick to the rest of my "I will never"s!! smile

Linda - mum to Riley 13.04.04 (#2 Due 29.12.05)

LOL, how funny! I'm also guilty of just about every "I'm never going to" in this post. I bought 2 dozen cloth nappies and swore I'd never use those horrible disposables and ohhh how much money I'll save! screw that, lol ... how about all the xtra washing and folding! (although I found they made great baby sized towels) Also she would never have a dummy... let alone cleaning off all the fluff balls from the carpet by a quick once over, I would only ever feed her my home made vegi & fruit puree, i'm going to breastfeed til she's atleast 12 months (we'll I guess 12 days is good enough ... after cracked nipples, breast pads and nipple shields, lol)
I'm sure there's plenty more ..... how dillusional!

Jaida (6), Ameli (2) & Lacey (2mths) - SA

What a great topic!

Well, what can I say - I have been having a good laugh!!

I too am guilty of alot of the things listed here.
One thing that I don't think is listed here - I swore that Rascal (our Golden Retreiver) would never be allowed to lick Bubs fce - what do you know, he does it and she thinks it's a GREAT joke, laughing everytime!
I swore too that we were never going to use a dummy - well sometimes it was the only thing that would settle her - even if it had just fallen on the floor. Now Cayley has decided to spit it out everytime it goes in her mouth - went shoppong and bought lots of different types to find one she liked (never knew there were so many different sahpes available) Finally found one she would keep in her mouth (for a week!) Have now given up.
I've gone the opposite way with the nappies - always swore to only use disposables - couldn't be bothered with all that washing! But the drop in income soon was exchanged for the extra washing!
Breast feeding - No worries, do it as long as I could - didn't plan on having a bub that refused to latch, and when she did, insisted on biting, so after sick of expressing, formula was the most marvelous thing out!
Well, time to go feed the little darling.

Keep the stories coming.


Cayley''''''''s Mum 15.8.04

This is soo funny and I feel so normal now lol.
My mother cracks up laughing and does the "nod and smile" thing everytime I call her and complain about the state of Jaycob's room.
I remember saying to my mother that I thought it was a form of child abuse for her to make me clean up my room (although with the state if mine it probably was!!) Now I find myself screaming (another thing I would never do when I had kids) at Jaycob to clean it up.
Another thing I always swore I would not pay a child to do housework or make a chiold earn pocket money... HA and I mean HA!!
Another thing I would never make my kids eat things that they dont like and make sure that they had enough veggies... well Jaycob still wont eat peas but they do look attractive on the ceiling... kinda like art if you squint and look at them.
I always swore that I would never bribe my kids to get them to do things "Jaycob if you take the rubbish out to the bin and feed the cats you can have the last spiderman icecream" or my absolute favourite "I swear if you just dont ask for one more thing the entire time we are in coles then I will get you maccas for lunch".
I always swore that if I had a boy I would never and I mean NEVER let them piddle on a tree/gutter/side of the road/garden/back fence.... well after a long trip up the freeway and countless smelly public toilets and a few pairs of wet undies..........also when you are in the shower and the toilet is in there too..... the back fence looks great.
hmmm I am soo sure I have more than this lol

Jane, sydney, tyler(5mths) Jaycob (8yrs)

I haven't so far but my sister always said that she would never say "If you dont stop crying I'll give you something to cry about"! as this was always said to us as kids. She had to admit the other day that out of sheer frustration she said it as her 5 yo DD wanted some chocolate and wasn't getting any, so was chucking a huge tanti in the shops!

DD1 July 2004 DD2 August 2007 DS September 2009


i said:

I will never let my baby watch the Wiggles. It is so silly- now i know almost all of their songs

I will never use dummy - we gave her the first night at home

I will never give in her tantrums - after a couple of minutes of screaming you just want her to shut up

We never let her to sleep with us - when you have to get up at 4 am to go to work there is no other solution when she does not want to sleep in her cot

bumping up
Oh My Gosh, this is so funny! Yes, i always said i'd:
- NEVER give a dummy
- NEVER let them watch Wiggles, and those other kiddie shows
- ONLY home cook meals
- NEVER let them sleep with us
wow, three children later and the ONLY one i've stuck with is, none of them have slept with us!!
great topic, thanks for the laughs

mummy with DD 7; DD 4; DS 24 months

I always said my bub would NEVER go out in public looking anything but perfect, but when its a struggle to wipe snot off his nose, or get the sleep out of his eyes, sometimes it just has to stay there!!
hey girls - this is great!

yep definately guilty of giving DD a dummy that hit the floor - after watching her kiss the cat last week i figure if that didn't kill her nothing will (i am still totally grossed out by her kissing it!)

also a big one i always said (after watching a mates kid live off maccas nuggets) that my DD would never have chicken nuggets. haha this was "pre-kids" and "pre-tantrum chucking stage" DD still only has them about once a fortnight if we are out and they are purely to keep her quiet! we tried healthy sultanas and apricot pieces but she found they fit neatly up your nose!

i always (JOKINGLY!) said my kids would be sweet little angels - HA HA HA...i now declare she is 'a perfect angel' like her father who is far from the angel part!!
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