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Anyone with "I will NEVER do that when I have a child" stories? Rss

When I first started my maternity leave I was so bored that all I did was bake, and sent them to work with Hubby. I haven't baked since Liam was born.
I've done some gardening but only 2 or 3 times, before my bushes were always trimmed back nice and neatly, now I cut them back shorter so I don't have to do it as often.
The one thing I said I'll never do but I've stuck to is have them sleep with me, but Liam's a good sleeper at night.
I wasn't going to rock to sleep. Did it for the first few months as he wouldn't put himself to sleep.
The change table I was always going to use now hardly gets used as the floor is so much easier, plus its in front of the tv. another thing I wasn't going to do. I thought parents who used tv to babysit were lazy, now I know without it somedays I wouldn't get a shower, or we wouldn't get tea.

But what about the things we said we weren't going to do and have stuck to. Like co-sleeping, making dads get up during the night, eating with bibs, eating in high chair, not putting in the car to go to sleep, make most of my own food (this is more of a cost factor for me)
But these could still change as Liam's only 6 months old.
I agree with the supermarket tantrum and those who said give them something to keep them quiet. I work in a supermarket and we'd often want to give the child what it wanted to keep them quiet. Think 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 48 weeks a year and at least a couple of tantrums a day. You could understand why.

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Hi Kristy,

I'm the same with you on Co sleeping, planned never to do it and never did. In fact even when we have had sick bubs we have tried it in the spare room, but they love their own beds, when it all comes down to it.

Mmmm, as for the cooking, i am just getting back into it, and loving it! Same with gardening.

Yes, as you may know, i am a big home-cooked fan! I'll do this as long as they will eat it, but it's getting hard with No1.

Take care,


PS, i bribed my daughter with chocolate to keep her out of my sons bath (he is sick), and it worked!!! wink

DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

You have all made my day, everything you all said I have broken all those rule a thundred times over and I know for a fact I'll do it all again with bub's number My daughter just turned five and she has almost the same amount of videos as our local video shop sad Hi-5 she has 13 videos of them, Scooby-doo another 8 or 10, Play school, bob the builder, thomas the tank engine, and my god do we use them!!!! Yes I use salvia to clean her face as we run into kinder. OW!!
And the shooping one my gosh she was always a great baby but some days as she got older like 3 or 4 she knew I would not yell or smack her bum in public so she would scream and yell and swear at me until I did something about it, well I did I would grab her arm and sometimes have to drag her around the shopping centre for an hour and I was determined not to stop just because of her so I would be so embaressed and she would by lying on the ground with me dragging her, and trying to ignore it and preying for her to stop. lol

I always said I will not do what my mother did and boy have I done it all!!

Kids hey, you gotta love em`


2 cuties 7/5/99 & 8/9/04

Oh the food battles.... My parents never let us have junk food when we were kids, but who is the biggest offender when it comes to giving Maya marshmallows and McDonalds? Grandad!
I kind of justify taking her to Macca's coz she is underweight and her dietitian said the extra fat will do her some good (not every day!). Plus she loves the playground at Maccas.
Things I said I would never do: Give Maya a dummy (stuck to it), bottle feed (had to stop breastfeeding at 9mths coz she stopped growing), give her juice (how much damage can a little bit of baby juice do?), let her run around with dangerous things in her hands (pens and toothbrushes, it's not worth the battle).
I guess its one thing to read about babies and whats best in books, but quite another once they actually arrive lol!
Now my 11 year old is a whole different battle...

Mum to Maya Grace 02-03, Sienna & Mercedes 10-06

Hi Im Leisa,

I found that I was serverly angry at my sister for being over protective of her daughter. Then when the day came that I was stuck in hospital for the remainder of my pregancy and was being ambulanced to Westmead, I suddenly realised the reasons. She had troubles in her pregnancy and here I was rowing the same boat. The thing is I was angry and blaming her alot, and it then dawned on me I was reacting the same and about my pregnancy and I never dreamed that without support and only 4 hrs sleep every three days that I would have no time to enjoy. That the inlaws would arrive with out care to how I felt. That I firmly believed I wouldn't screem or wack my kids in front of the tv for 5 minutes peace, that I would'nt have a ignore 80% of the things the kids did that rose my temper gage. However other than that I think with the amount of theory I read I think I was pritty up to it as a parent. Only I would have liked support network of people and more help in the early days as a mum from the maternity nurses, as I had no experience in life and was going home with twins to a house with night shift hubbi, dead mother, self absorbed sister and father(divorced to my mum), 70 + parents - in - law's whom were interfering and in - law's whom didn't care that I was to tired to listen to conversation and that I already hadn't had sleep and was enjoying the first feed somewhat awake. Boys would take 1 hour to 2 to bottle feed each one. So I only had about half an hour sleep each shift, so long as I could. So you can imagine how I felt when inlaws turned up with two babies to feed. No one understands the delimers mothers of multiples deal with. The totally different tacktics.

Mrs. L Commins

When we were on holiday recently my son was a bit sick and wasn't sleeping well. I actually tried co sleeping thinking it may help, it actually made it worse as he'd only ever come in bed with us for morning cuddles so thats what he thought it was morning cuddles and playtime while mum woke up.
I also said that I would never put my son to bed with a bottle but he drinks 1/2 in the lounge then goes down but 10 minutes later he'll take the majority of the rest in bed. When he's done we swap the bottle for the dummy and he's asleep before I've finished tucking him in.

member since 2004

Hi everyone,

this is my favourite topic to read. Especially if I have had a really bad day ..... it just picks me right up. I have also done just about everything that you have all said you would never do but have. I've never posted on this topic before, because I couldn't think of anything that wasn't already here.

Today though, I thought of something.

Before I had any school age children, I would hear women say that they just couldn't wait for the school holidays to be over and the kids would be back to school. I used to think how sad that was. Wouldn't you be happy to have so much extra time to spend with your children? Of course I was going to look forward to school holidays and miss them when they went back to school.

Well now I have 4 school age children and they are currently in their 2nd week of holidays. Yes I looked forward to the holidays ..... I wouldn't have to get up and rush around getting everybody ready. But oh boy!! I can't wait for Monday to come and school goes back. Did I say that????

To any of you with only pre school age children who can't understand why I would think this way ..... one day you will understand.

Hi Barb, Thanks for sharing your experience. My mother use to yell at us all the time "I cant wait until you kids go back to school" and we use to think yer neither can we just to get away from you!!!!! Then when the time comes it was tears all around.... She did actually confess a few years ago she was very lonely for the first couple of days we went back, especially after the long holidays around Xmas.

I can remember asking my mum "How do you spell....." and she always said "look it up in the dictionary" It use to make us so mad. But you probably guess it to this day I have a dictionary in the house and at my work. You would be shocked to know how many time not just me but others use my dictionary at work.

Heres another silly saying " Do you want a smack?" like really what do you think the answer is going to be "Oh yes please" or how about this beauty "Shut up or I will give you something to cry for" What the hell does that mean?? LOL

I am so glad you manage to get a laugh from this post as that was exactly the reason I started this so we can all have a laugh at ourselves. As they say if you dont laugh you cry....

Hi Calebsmum,

You really have me reminising. (think that's how its spelt ... maybe I should use the dictionary)

I remember asking how to spell words and being told the same thing. I used to think how stupid it was because it would save a lot of time if she just told me. But guess what?? I have said "go look up the dictionary" so many times now myself. Another one I do is say "go get the atlas" when I'm asked "where is".

One thing I hated doing as a child was reciting times tables. But yes I'm guilty again. When one of my kids ask what ... x ... =, I say ok well lets go through your times tables. And then I have them recite it with me.

OH .. just thought of another thing I said I would never do.

I was always determined that my children would have proper birthday parties. You know, at home with cheerios and sausage rolls, pass the parcel and pin the tail on the donkey. etc. Definately never those horrible McDonalds parties.

Well my good intentions started well. How hard could it be to have 10 or so six year olds for a party? The teachers have about 30 of them every day and they manage. Yeah right. The parents drop off their little angels and then leave you at their mercy. You have all the party games ready to play but then this one doesn't want to play that game and that one wants to go and explore your house.
You think, ok, I'll get the food, that will keep them quiet for a little bit. Think again .... I don't like these, he double dipped, she touched all of them and I wanted one. My cake was better because it had .....

My children still get birthday parties .... they are just held at McDonalds instead! And I'm still thankful when it is all over.

My friend had a little bub before me and she used to sleep him in her bed. I said that when I have a kid there is no way that I was going to sleep him in my bed. My son is now 2 1/2. and he sleeps everynite in my bed. It's got that bad that my partner sleeps on the floor. Hows that. I even pulled my sons cot down when he was 1 cause it was never ever slept in.

mel, qld, tristan 4

I can definately relate to that mel smile
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