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Anyone with "I will NEVER do that when I have a child" stories? Lock Rss

Hello does anyone else remember when they were childless or pregnant the things we use to say we would never do with our children and have done? Things like I will never use saliva to clean things off my childs face? or I will never just put my child in front of the TV? or I will only give my child fresh food or I would never give that to my child?. When I look back now I dont know what I was thinking at the time but I now know I had no idea! Its funny the things we do on instinct and then think a few seconds later "Oh my god I cant believe I just did that". I think I have broken just about every I am not going to do's. Can anyone else relate to this? I would love to hear your stories..........
Hi calebsmum

What a great Topic!!

I remember thinking on a number of occassions

" I would NEVER give MY baby a dummy straight off the FLOOR!!!".

When your baby is 2 secs off sleeping after you have been patting him for 30 mins and he suddenly drops his dummy well then I am guilty of giving it the once over and if there are no sightly nasties on there its straight back in the mouth.

Then i feel guilty, but the alternative (running into the kitchen to rinse dummy with boiled water) would have me sitting there patting him for another 30 mins!!!!!

helena- vic- ds-3.5 dd- 1


Mine has to be the telly! I always said i would never use the TV to babysit my children! Now i can't wait for certain shows to start so i can get the washing up done!

How ironic, i was only chatting about this tonight to a friend!


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m


Mine was that I was 'never' going to use disposables.


I changed my mind when I was pregnant to, using disposables only at night and when on outings.
Well, lets just say all the cloth nappies I bought are as new as the day I got them.

baby boy, 12/03

Hello I was speaking to a lady who has a 2 month old baby. She said prior to the baby both her and her husband had very demanding jobs so they had a casual house cleaner and an ironing lady. She had the idea once the baby was born she would not need them any more as she would be home all day and could do it herself. Well as it turned out not only does she still have them but when they arrive she now hands them the baby to watch while she has a shower and gets dressed!!

I can relate to the dummy, we even said we were never going to give our baby a dummy.

We too love TV/ DVD's such as ABC, Animal Planet, Video Hits, Toy Story or Nemo as at times they are our saving grace.

We also have the biggest pile of cloth nappies. My husband even bought the special bucket to soak them in! We do use them though to clean up just about everything. They were very handy with a reflux baby. Our neighbour cut himself very badly a few months ago and we used a clean nappy to wrap his hand for the trip to the Drs.

Thanks for your replies everyone its funny to look back on these sort of things and the ways we use to think.
Ha Ha Ha,

Me too, i had a nappy stacker, and it only got used occasionally, the nappies that is, when i went out i would take a cloth nappy for any unexpected messes!

I even returned an unopened pack of cloth nappies to Target, 6 months later, and got an exchange receipt!



DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

the things i sid i would never do aer genreal things he is a list of things i wasnt going to do . live in a new housing estate, have kids lol stop working , funny how life turns out

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Hi, I always said I would never smell my baby's nappy or look into it. I figured that if it was questionable in any way then it should be changed!! I now realise sometimes its hard to distinguish between just "thunder" or "thunder AND lightning" and when in a group of bubs it's easier to lift and smell your own to make sure that of course it's NOT MY angel making that horrible smell lol. Also made and broke the clean the face with the thumb rule, the TV rule and the "ONLY" homemade food rule. Ah well we are only human.............. but of course I'm still nothing like my mother.......hehe
I think this topic is hiarious and I can hear my voice saying in a very superior tone that MY children will behave themselves and not scream if they do not get what they want and thet they will just learn not to touch things when I tell them. I just dissolve into giggles every time my son screams in public as I can hear my voice in my head. Oh and as far as the dummy thing goes I stopped worrying about it when I turned around in the car to see my boy handing it to the dog to lick and then straight back into his mouth!! Hasn't killed him yet!!

Kelly,QLD, boy 23.01.03 and girl 08.04.05

Hi everyone,

Kelly this is a crack, and i agree about my children were always going to behave and never demand for things etc.

I have another though, i always said i wouldn't put my first into preschool till she could talk to me and tell what has happened!! Well she started just before 2 and a half and still can't communicate properly and she has been in nearly 5 months!

Keep them coming everyone,


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Howdy!! Oh you guys are really cracking me up. Mainly because I am guilty of all of the above!! I agree with the "my child will never carry on like that just to get its way" I use to think lady cant you hear your child screaming?? Do something to shut it up!! My son threw a tantrum the other week. We were in Coles doing the shopping & he just wouldnt stop. My husband was on afternoon shifts so if I didnt get the groceries we would have nothing to eat, including Caleb. Everyone was staring at me and I just wanted to climb under the check out. To make things worse they only had 2 check outs opened and a young couple raced me to the smaller line. Then the person in front of me had a price check. I couldnt believe it so now I was stuck in all the lollies and chips in front of the register with no where to go and Caleb was using every bit of his lungs!! Everyone was staring at us so in desperation I grabbed the chuppa chup off Caleb, opened it and gave it to him......silence, but I broke another I will never do! A few weeks ago when I took my child to day care I noticed he still had a bit of toast on his what did I do?? Yep you guessed it I licked my finger and then used the spit to clean his face. I just did it without even thinking. I remember my mother doing it to me and hating it. So I now have a super size container of wet ones in the car just in case I ever get tempted again! Or how about I will never spend that much on my childrens clothes. That is until you see that outfit that would just look gorgeous on your baby. You know the one, the one they only wore a few times (if you were lucky) as they grew out of it to fast. I remember my husband fell in love with a pair of Nike socks. I had to admit they were very cute and at $15 they ought to be. So yes we bought them and lost one the 2nd time my son wore them. I can also remember buying a big box of organic fruit and veges and I was going to cook them all up and freeze them and I was going to be the best mum in the world. I remember only using half so the other half went off, then we lost power in a storm for 2 days and all the food in the fridge and freezer had to be thrown out which included all my organic pre made food I had spent hours and hours on..
Tepe I too said the same thing about my child not being looked after until they were old enough to talk and tell me if someone was mistreating them. As I said earlier it is so funny how we use to see things.
On the dummy front this will really crack you up as even as I write this I am...... My son was outside playing and at the time had only just learnt to walk so he fell all the time. We have the biggest blackest labrador you have ever seen who has never grown up, he just knocks everyone over all the time. This day Caleb had this dummy when the dog walked past knocking Caleb over. Of course his dummy fell out so our dog turned around grabbing the dummy in his mouth, the right way mind you, and looked at us. Calebs dummy was bright red so it really stuck out on the black dog. My mum was with us at the time and all 3 of us could not stop laughing. In the end my husband pulled himself together to get the dummy off the dog put it in the bin and get another for the crying baby. Not too sure if that was a I will NEVER do but no doubt had I seen it BC (before Caleb) it would have been something like I will never have dog around a small child. Please keep the laughs coming....
... still laughing!! I couldn't wait till I could get back to this as I thought of another great one while I was doing the groceries yesterday. I will never just stick food in my child's mouth to shut him up. I remembered this one while I was pushing him around in the trolley with a whole knob of luncheon meat hanging out of his mouth!! (still wrapped up tho!) Sometimes I feel like I am the only one to do these things and then I read these other posts and feel heaps better. I'll have to try the chuppachup tho as it would look better than the luncheon.

Kelly,QLD, boy 23.01.03 and girl 08.04.05

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