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Clexane or Warfarin? Lock Rss

Just wondering if any other mothers were on Clexane or Warfarin during or after pregnancy? If so, would or did u have more children?


Please explain!

I did it all too!
Got a blood clot with my now nearly 18mth old twins, did the clexane thing then the warfarin thing,
gosh aren't the bruises nice and injections fun, NOT!
Got pregnant with DD 9wks old now, when the twins were 6mths old, did the clexane all over again. Didn't do warfarin cos it crosses over into breastmilk so just more clexane, also didn't go onto warfarin cos I hated going for INRs. My veins are really bad as they are.
I want lots more kids and having blood clots won't stop me. The only thing I hated was the nuclear test to see if there were any clots in my lungs, that wasn't nice.
My yummy DH gives me my injections, he's very helpful with that kind of thing and the 4 kids.
Hope that helps smile

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Hi MumE,

I also got deep vein thrombosis (blood clot) on one of my ovaries and my husband gave me the clexane injections in the stomach each night for 2 weeks after an 11 night stay in hospital. Luckily it hasn't put me off having more children - we're planning to try and conceive around December some time.

Jen smile

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Hi, I suffer from Factor 5 which is some sort of blood clotting thing. I took Warfarin tablets while on the pill but stopped that when I stopped using contraception (husband took charge). When we planned to get pregnant I had to have Clexane injections from 6 weeks pregnant up until 6 weeks post pregnancy. The needle was big. If you thought that was bad I'm also a type 1 diabetic and I had to have four insulin injections each day, these needles are so much thinner and easier to administer.

Thanks for listening


Megan, Brisbane, 17mth boy

Hi, I was diagnosed with a dvt at 10 weeks pregnant. I had to have Clexane injections up until 6 weeks after I had DD. Injections weren't too bad except when the needle was blunt!

i have a blood problem called antiphospholipid antibody syndrome which causes blood clots so i start taking clexane injections when i'm 9 weeks, i am now 20 weeks pregnant with #2 and did the same with Ds who has just turned 2.

i dont like taking the injections but they are a neccessary evil for me.

and i'll definately have more kids even though i'll have to go through the injections and aspirin and the warfarin afterwards.

Hi everyone,

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who had to go through this in pregnancy!

I had blood clots in my lungs in 2001 and ended up in hospital for 2 weeks-very scary!!
I was on Warfarin for a year afterwards with blood tests every few days.
When I got pregnant I had to go on daily Clexane injections for the term and 6 weeks post delivery.
With my first pregnancy it was very daunting, especially as you have them in your tummy. Thank god for my husband-because once I got my bump I just couldn't stick the needle in there. Even though I knew there was no way it could stick into bub I just couldn't bring myself to do it.!
With my second pregnancy(which was only 6 months after Jay was born!)I was really stressed about going through it all again. But once I started back into the routine I was fine-I even overcome my fear of doing it myself! Actually I was so huge the last few months(Brodie was just under 10lb!) that I would'nt have trusted my husband to do it in the right place anyway-Brodie was so active I had to time my stab carefully.
The worst thing for me was the bruises-especially in my first pregnancy.
I was so proud of my bump but you can't really show it off when it's black and blue without dealing with all the questions and "oh my god you poor thing".
Ok it wasn't the nicest thing to have to do when you're pregnant but at the end of the day I've got 2 gorgeous boys and I'm still here to watch them grow up-can't ask for more than that!!


Ps-it hasn't put me off having more babies!

Beefyboyz, DS1 almost 3, DS2 18mths

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