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Single mums.... anyone really!! Lock Rss

Hi, my name is Jess and Im 21 with a 6.5 month old son, Kaden Blake.
I've been on my own since I was 5 weeks pregnant as I was in an abusive relationship.
I live in a new town and it gets pretty lonely on my own and was wondering if there was anyone out there in similar situations who would like to chat? You dont even have to be a single mum, as long as you like to chat!!

Jess (22), Chris (22) and Kaden (22 mnths)

Well done on making the difficult decision to go it alone with your son. When I was 20 I gave birth to my son who is now 15yrs old. His father wasn't interested in being involved so I had to go it alone also.

My family, especially my mother thought was not a good idea. I will admit that we had some tough times but I wouldn't change a thing. My son has turned out to be a wonderful young man who I am very proud of.

2 years ago I met a wonderful man and now we have a beautiful daughter who is 5 months old and this is a different experience as I have to remember to communicate with my partner about decisions concerning her upbringing. In some ways it was easier being alone as I was the one to decide what was going to happen and didn't have anyone going against my wishes.

Good luck for the future and I'm sure that there will be many days when your wee angel will help you remember why you are doing this.

Mum of 3 aged 17 & 2 and 3 days

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