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Shoes Lock Rss

Our son really knows how to make us laugh. 1 month ago Hubby and I tried to buy our son his first pair of shoes. We put them on his feet, he threw a tantrum and refused to walk or stand up until they were taken off. As soon as we took them off he was up and running. Two weeks ago I tried the same shoes on him, not a problem he was off and walking in them. He even brings them to me in the morning to put them on his feet. He refuses to go outside without them on and throws tantrums when I take them off. I can't believe the turn around.

1 wonderful boy 6 and another on the way

Don't they bring humour back to our lives! He sounds like a cheeky little devil!
Our daughter grabs a pair of shoes as soon as she wakes up and wants them on. Many times she can have her big black boots on with PJs at 630 in the morning!

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Oh what fun shoes are. Our son is forever carrying shoes around. He finds it amusing throwing them down the stairs. His first walkers, his joggers, our joggers etc. It's no wonder we can never find our shoes when we need them.

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My two have always hated having shoes on when we're home - the first thing they do is take them off. My youngest has started taking his shoes off, then putting a pair of mine or my husband's on. Given his size 10 feet, and my husband's boats (size 13) he has real problems walking - but he persists!
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