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Presented jewelry with a diamond Lock

Presented jewelry with a diamond. now the question is how to determine the veracity of a diamond?

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Now are different methods to determine the diamond's veracity. You can use special apparatuses to show you this fact, or the be...


sgwegfwe Lock


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What are earbuds used for? Lock

Earbuds allow in ambient noise so that you can hear what is going on around you. That way, you do...

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Should my son repeat grade 2 because he is the youngest and has always struggled to keep up with his peers Lock

My son is 7 years old and currently in year 2, he is the youngest in his class and it has always...

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Fildena Double 200 Mg Tablet Lock

Fildena Double 200 pill online which is perfect ED treatment for men, Check reviews, side effects...

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Is anyone here a Foster carer? Lock

My name is Beth, I'm an English Student and hope to one day be a teacher. I write a lot - mo...

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Hi, don’t worry and just do it, everything is working out for you, you are very good job! If you want to become a teacher, you will ...


Sickos in this world Lock

I am just writing this to remind everyone to never take their eyes of their children. There was ...

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I had the same vision when I was 3 year old and having dream to be a writer and making alot of things in term of getting many things...


survey for school assignment - mothers under 21 Lock

Hi, If your a mother who had their first child under the age of 21, could you please fill in this...

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Sorry, I can't help you with this. I am a mom of 18-year-old son. My son is not that good at writing an assignment that is why ...

I've been waiting 7 years for this Lock

YAY!!! So glad you could hear that Gives me goosebumps just reading it! can't wait till DD is ol...

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Great story!


Tough TTC Lock

Hey, everyone. I'm new here. My name is Natasha. I turned 32 last week. I've been marri...

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Need this! Lock

Hey everybody! I've discussed my surrogacy travel. Presently, I'm contemplating how wel...

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I found the best psychic ! Lock

Thanks to this site i found a really good psychic! She told me what sex i would have and all tha...

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Feel so pleased Lock

Hey everyone! Happy faces all around. I feel so pleased when I read any post describing the succe...

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What do you do for the environment? Lock

Since I am a mother, I feeling more and more responsible for environmental issues. You too? I´m ...

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Custody Lock

Hi I'm a single Mum and have been since I was 7 months pregnant with my boy. The father of t...

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Its really sad.. Well according to me.. Mum have the custody of child because mothers know everything instead of fathers... Acceler...


Period after baby Lock

Hello! I'm a bit new to this all, but was hoping someone would be able to help me... My so...

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I used to have the implanon and i'd get my period every 2nd week, it feeds off your hormons and you can get your period for how...


I conceived naturally and had my first baby at 47 Lock

I was told by my midwife that I was the oldest mother she had taken care of. During my pregnancy ...

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Well, it was hard for me reading your comment and don´t answer. Even just this last weekend I arrived home in tears after having spe...


Single mum wanting advice please Lock

So I am a single mum of 2 beautiful kids. A daughter 7 and a son 4. The relationships with both o...

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Wow, I sort of understand how you feel. I'm not a single parent but I too was practically forced into an abortion because '...

An Angels Gift <3

3 kids 3 & under - exhausted Lock

I guess I'm just looking for a bit of support or help from like minded mums on this. I have ...

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I could have written this post myself! I am finding it very difficult at the moment as my 2.5 year old is driving me up the wall! I...


Final pregnancy...boy #3 Lock

I am 32yo and 24wks pregnant with my third and final child and we found out recently that we are ...

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Hi there, I'm currently pregnant with #3. I've already got 2 boys. It's early days for me so I don't know what I...


Seeking the greatest of gifts Lock

Hello, we are a loving couple from Melbourne A little about ourselves: I am 38 and for past 6 ...

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Well I'm excited!! Lock

Hello lovely people! I am a first time mum and have been extremely cautious with what I have don...

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I took my little one out when she was 3 weeks old, we even took her on a 9 hour trip to go and see family she did great.


We're going to add a baby to our blended one :) Lock

So hi there all! First of all thanks for reading this post. I want to reach out there and apolog...

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That is probably one of the sweetest things I've ever read! The love you have for Michelle, really shines through in this post....


Trying to concieve naturally at 47 years old Lock

I am 47 years old and trying to conceive naturally. My doctor say I should try IVF but I want to...

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Hi I am 46.9 and I am going to test to see if I am pregnant this week. I have an almost very healthy 2 year old, who was conceive...


pregnancy and the rod Lock

Hey girls im new here and have no idea where to write this so, I know im probably been stupid but...

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Yeah I know I might do it tommorrow just to make sure thanks


sleeping issues Lock

I have a 9 1/2 month old who has slept through twice and that was 9.30-4ish! I started today the ...

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Thankyou, I do leave him to cry but he must br stubborn because he will just cry and cry but I will do as you fid and follow routine...

My Younger Monsters. Lock

Gorgeous kiddies!

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Please help me out, 34 weeks pregnant with cancer Lock

Hi everyone my little girl may come early because I have some high risk pregnancy complications, ...

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i will definitely share your link...........gud luck dear.


What's the funniest T-Shirt(bib) line have you seem before? Lock

Last week, my husband came home and told me he saw a toddles' T-shirt printed: You can wait for t...

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Don't know if this ones been said yet but I saw a little dress the other day that said "my fingers may be small, but I...


Child protection in Australia Lock

It is a confronting topic and most of us wish we could bury our heads in the sand and it would go...

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Please write in to Ministers and voice your concerns on social media. If you wish to donate to a charity I have found the below on ...

Teenage pregnancy - 17 and trying Lock

You've probably heard it a million gazillion times but my advice is to wait. My reasons are ...

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I'm 17 and pregnant , and it'll be hard as but I say go for it if you want because its your life just remember your life w...


Very happy with my choice in baby stores... Baby Expectations Lock

Hi everyone (: I just wanted to share my experience... There is a fantastic baby store that has ...

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Hello :) Lock

Hi, I thought i would introduce myself My name is Kara im 25 i have a 5 (6 on wednesday) year o...

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Congratulations on your twin pregnancy, not long now!! I am 20 weeks pregnant with my first!! Welcome to huggies!!


Quote of the week goes to....... Lock DS2!!! At dinner tonight, he announces "my mouth is allergic to broccoli!" l ...

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Lol clever little boy haha


the deep end Lock

Do you remember my doom and gloom thread from yonks ago? Well, I've been diagnosed with pnd....

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Ah Nods, well done to you for being so brave to seek help. good luck on the road ahead, whichever options you choose. Big hugs


Can you help us to become parents? Lock

Egg Donor needed We are a loving couple in our late thirties who would love nothing more than to...

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mothers day Lock

just a quick pop in ( would be on more latley but DH took the ipad with him) i have a question th...

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we have advised her via email how to make contact with us as she made it clear months ago that I was not to call her, so she has not...

ARGH!!! So over this crap! Lock

They really are putting you guys through hell. It's really not fair they can't just sta...

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Over the drama. Warning very long Lock

Oh boy that WAS long! Lol. I'm really sorry you're in this situation and that your DP ...

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Wow that was a big spill! Lol Although this is hard at the moment... The bigger picture is that when the girls grow up and look ba...


best ebay score today Lock

So earlier this week i brought another monitor off ebay, As the woman on gumtree stuffed me aroun...

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How awesome what a great score hun.