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I am after a egg free cake recipe does anyone know any good recipes that i could try
It for my sons first birthday
Or if anyone has any ideas that would be good for a cake
please let me know

Jenny,Sydney, my son is 11.5 months

Egg free cakes are easy to make if your child isn't allergic to dairy. Simply look in the health food section for a product called "No Egg" in a brown and red box. You simply use the powder mixed with water as a substitute for egg. Also you can contact Wyeth Health (the makers of Infasoy Formula) as they will send you a free booklet called Cooking without milk - it has a cake recipe as well as a lot of other egg free recipes. I had the same problem with my son and found that no commercial cake makers would attempt an eggless cake. If you can't get hold of wither let me know and i'd be happy to reply with the recipe itself. Good luck. Tracey

Tracey, Sydney, mum of 2

Hi Tracey,
Would you mind emailing the egg free cake recipe to me? My friends daughter has an egg allergy and I would like to get the recipe for her. My address is

Thanks heaps

Bron, Mum to Lachie

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