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Dairy Free, Wheat Free, Egg Free Recipes Lock Rss

My 10 month old son has eczema and has been advised to follow a Dairy Free, Wheat Free, Egg Free diet. I am after some new ideas for his meals. I have been substituting soy milk, cheese and yoguhurt for dairy, and rice flour for normal flour to make white sauce.

I would appreciate any recipe ideas.

Hi Ronda,

I'm sorry to hear you are having some of the same problems we do. I started giving my son simple fried rice using a wheat free soy sauce and plain rice which he loves. He also has kumara and pumpkin wedges (as he is also allergic to potatoes) and there is a range of wheat free pasta available.

A good substitute for normal flour in baking is to use 1/2 cup rice flour and 1/2 cup cornflour for each cup of normal flour. Using this and dairy free margarine I have adapted some biscuit recipes with great success.

I hope you have found some recipes already and also encourage you to look at the website. You select the foods you can't have and then only shows you recipes without those foods.

Good luck with finding recipes that suit your eating habits and restrictions.

Mum to one very allergic 15 month old boy.
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