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Does any one have any really easy but excellent recipes for the slow cooker. I have just gone back to work part-time and wanted some good meals that I could throw in in the morning, and be ready at dinner time. Please help me...


Here is one that never goes astray with Huby. Even Gemma likes it!

Gravy beef - as much as you want for meatiness, I usually use about 1kg
a carrot
2 potatoes
pumpkin - 1cup diced
sweet potato - 1 cup diced
2 onions
3 celery stalks
2 tins diced tomatoes
2 packet of continental beef and red wine casserole mix.

Amber, you can clean out the bottom of the fridge with this recipe. Just about put in any of those vegies that need to be used in the house in it. Except for maybe lettuce or cabbage!
Dice everything up, add a heap of water to cove and let simmer away. The gravy beef comes out so tender. I then freeze into meal portions and hubby takes to work, or they get defrosted for one of those 'lazy' nights!

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Hi there - we use our slow cooker quiet alot - It is great! Try for some good recipes. Also, we love lamb shanks in there - just put them in with a packet of french onion soup mix and enough water to cover them. Yummy with mashed potato! DP also likes to add that soup mix stuff that has barley and that sort of stuff in it, and keep the water/soup mix as a soup.

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