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I haven't actually made this yet, I'll wait until I have my baby and then I'll wait until it's old enough to eat. Thought I'd share it with you because it looks easy and yummy, found it in a baby magazine. Here it is, if somebody makes it, let me know how yummy it is.
Layer 3 potatoes, 1 sweet potato, 1 zucchini, 1/4 small butternut pumpkin (all peeled and sliced 5mm thick) in a casserole dish with grated cheese and onion slices (1 small onion) sprinkled through middle layers. Pour in 1/4 cup chicken or veggie stock, put on lid or aluminium foil and bake at 180 degrees celcius for 50 minutes. Take out and pour 1/2 tub cream (very optional I'd say!) over top and sprinkle more cheese if you like. Bake uncovered for a further 20 minutes.

Good luck!



Hi Super,

I have another vegie dish which is easy to make and my son loves it. He eats all his vegies and always has done because he loves the way I make it.

Boil potato, sweet potato, pumpkin, carrot, zuchinni, brocolli and pretty much any other vegie you like. When they are nearly done, add some frozen peas corn and spinach and cook until done.

Drain and then add lots of grated cheese and mix up some cheese sauce (I use two packets). Mush it all together and then divide into individual portions. I freeze them and try and make about 3 weeks of meals in one go.

I send a portion for my son's lunch with him every day to day care and to the grandparents and he just scoffs it. If I give him vegies in any other format he won't eat them but he loves this!

Hope this helps.

The vegie back sounds nice too - will try it one day!


That sounds nice too. Will certainly try making it one day.



How old was your son when you started him on this? I have a 5 month old who started ok on pumpkin but now won't eat any vegetable plain or mixed with others. (Only done potato, sweet potato, and pumpkin)

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Good luck with the birth of your bub. When are you due? My advice take the epidural, it works wonders.

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Hi Kristy,

I guess he was probably 7 or 8 months old when he first started on it but we could have started him earlier as he could eat cheese etc. by about 6 months. You can also mush up the vegies to any consistency that you want or put it into a blender to make it really soft. As he got older we just quickly mash it with a potato masher as he still doesn't like really huge chunks of vegies.

He has been eating it for 2 years now and still loves it. I don't really care if he doesn't eat vegies at night because I know he gets this during the day and he gobbles down heaps of it. Sometimes he will eat a huge bowl of it.

Hope it works for you. Remember to use heaps of cheese as this gives it the nice flavour!

Good luck.

i tried your yummy vege bake and my 11 mo and 3.5 yr old both love it.
i made it for them also with some roast chicken through it, it made a lovely meal.

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Hello enika_krystal,

Thanks for letting me know how it went, so glad you liked it. Roast chicken idea sounds good.


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