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Hello, I was surfing on the internet and saw that people started to use pins, in companies a lot of people wear pins on their chest with the logo of the company, so I am thinking to try making money with that! Any thoughts about this?
You are right. There is a new trend may be. But it had always been a kind of trend when young people wearing pins with their favorite band or a singer, or a character sometimes. So it can be a really good business. I can suggest you looking at this site for an example That would help you to start.
Yeah that is a very ambitious niche, my cousin is making pins at home and she sales them very fast.
You are correct. There is another pattern might be. In any case, it had consistently been a sort of pattern when youngsters wearing pins with their preferred band or a vocalist, or a character some of the time. So it very well may be a great business. I can recommend you seeing this site for a model That would assist you with starting.

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