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I want to become a WAHM, today i went to spotlight *sigh (i love spotlight) and purchased alot of material and a sweing machine.

I was going to try and make burp cloths and some taggie (those blankets with ribbons on the edges)
I was just interested to see what all you other mums do as a hobby or a buisness. And what else is easy to make, as i dont know how to sew yet smile
Im sure ill learn fast.

If you have a facebook page would you be able to put your link up. I love seeing what creative people are out there!!

I do cake decorating, beaded jewellery making, IT consultant work all from home
face book
I am one busy person
I sew too, but I don't have anything set up to sell yet.
I'm working on a new line of toddlers clothes.

RahRah Creations
A girlfriend and I had our first stall today at our local hospital. We sold a few things and took a few orders too which we were quite happy about. I dont know how to do a link (sorry) but our facebook page is called Lil Beaux Coops. At the moment we are just doing girls clothing but we will be adding a boys line soon too smile

I started up my own little Facebook business about a month ago. At the moment I am making kids hoodies, appliqued t-shirts, kids pants, bibs etc...

Good luck and keep us posted on your progress!
Hey, Mylittleducklings, if you want your link to appear like this:
Lil Beaux Coops

Just copy this:
Lil Beaux Coops

<span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>

I started up almost a month ago but have been wanting to start this up ages ago! I make mobiles! I sell on FELT and on ETSY

My facebook page is HERE

Will have a look now on all your pages!

i buy and decorate the mdf mirrors from spotlight for gifts, gave one to a friend and she said " if i give you 100.00 bucks could you buy one for each of the girls and post them down" i was so happy i didn't realize they were that good, she was willing to give me 100.00 for two mirrors that would have cost me around 35-40 to make. only because she thought i bought them from somw boutique.
I recently went to Daylesford market in Victoria and found a lady making wonderful handmade accessories for babies and kids. I bought a dummy clip, beanie and a hair clip for my daughter and I get heaps of comments on them. So since you guys shared some wonderful sites I thought I'd share too!

Hi there, here is my Facebookpage and here is my website. I started with personalised canvases of my own design for my coffee group kids birthdays and it just evolved from there. I break every sewing machine I touch or I would get into the sewing thing, I love handmade clothes and quilted items.

Here is an idea for all you sewers though:
Coffee Cup insulators. I saw this down in Twizel this weekend and all it is is a little quilted coffee cup cover using a hair tie and a button to keep the quilted cover on the disposable coffee cup. You can use the cardboard cup covers as a template and go nuts with beautiful and funky fabrics. An easy sell at boutique coffee places as they can put them on their to-go cup displays. The ones I saw were $9.50. Everyone makes taggies, be different!

great ideas and sights! i 'liked' your sites!
question - if you have multiple sites - facebook, madeit, etsy, which has the most sucess?
how do you get the ball rolling? did you have to do local markets? if not, how do you really get your first order?
I made little softies, fabric fridge magnets/brooches, garlands, bunting, personalised names door hanging out felt, girls dresses while I was was on 3 1/2 looooooong months of bed rest for this baby. Want to sell it but concerned about not getting any response!
Also, I found it is a lot of effort to actaully made things and thought it might be easier buying items bulk (say from China - just as Spotlight does) and selling the supplies to other crafters. And saving my carftying energy for fam and friends, and earn the income on easier way.
Hello WAHM's,

I am new to this but last few weeks have been working on making Handmade crafted 3D frames they have been such a hit so far that the three weeks I have been doing it has been very last nights!

They are great meaningful little gifts and look great around the home, kids names have been a hit but can also do dates,wedding gifts,valentines day,baby shower gifts etc anything you name I try and make it for you smile

More information on

Or find us on facebook "Cheekymonkey-creations"
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