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My hubby and I keep talking about taking a 2 week holiday on a cruise ship to Malaysia. You can take children but I'm worried about her getting something while there. She is 2. I have heard that the water is provided because its so dirty there. I'm worried how dirty is every thing else? And maybe about the heat over there. Has anyone been? Would it be better leaving her (2 wks is so long for her!!! And me!!) I know the ship provides a day care centre or nannies so u can leave them on board when you leave the ship a few times, but I'm funny about that too.
I get a little sea sick and she can get car sick at times. Do you think she might get sea sick?? Its a lot of money to end up stuck in a cabin for 2 wks!!!!
They say they are the calmest waters in the world (which is why we have chosen malaysia).
I think your brave to go away with a baby! smile
but I do think you will be fine on a cruise ship!

I hope you enjoy the holiday!


Liam Evan, 2

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