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4 kids in a Toyota kluger? Lock Rss

Hi we are expecting our 4th child soon and we have a 7 seat Toyota kluger (with the split back seats). My kids will be 6, 4, 2 and newborn and I'm trying to decide where the best place to seat each of them is. I'm worried that my older 2 kids will fight over who gets to sit in the back and think it would be nicer to have them both sitting together, and the younger 2 in the middle row with the middle seat removed to use as a walkway. Only problem is that takes away most of the boot space. My pram fits in behind the back row but only leaves room for one or two grocery bags. Are there others using both back seats in their kluger? And do you find you fit a full load of groceries in using the floor under kids feet etc? I'm just not keen on having my eldest sitting by herself in the back and having to use the boot to get in and out.
I think your idea sounds good. You won't always have all the kids together either for example when the older 2 are at school. Maybe that would be the ideal time to do grocery shopping etc. I think it's never easy but you have to work with what you've got. Goodluck
Can your stroller fit on floor in middle row in front of the 2 baby seats, as this would leave the space on boot for shopping etc. and 2 older kids in booster seats in back row.
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