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Haha Feral's last post gave me an idea! It just had to be done! this way we're not taking up the whole Twilight post, even though we are talking Twilight fic.
But i figured it'd be cool to have somewhere with the name so we know where to come to post our updates and reccommendations for other stories smile!!!
Well that's me! LOL

Alright you've got my attention lol

I can't find a book that I can honestly say I reckon is just as good as Twilight, so I'm going to try the next best thing;

Whats a good, non smutty-ish twilight fanfic? A little smutty is ok, but not what you were describing in the other post =\

Oo sign me up Ferla! I am a FF groupie too,lol.

CaTieKinz ~ my faves so far are

Creature of Habit
Bella Down Under
Wide Awake This does contain some chapters with quite a bit of smut! I love the rest of the story though.
Seducing Miss Swan
Hydraulic Level 5

I am giving the whole FF thing a whirl too and have so far added 3 chapters. If you wanted to check them out here is the link to my story...

Finding Home

Thanks for that! I'll check a few of them out when I get a decent break... probably at DD's arvo sleep

I finished your fanfic! It's really good, I'll be hanging out for more chapters =] I love the last line of the 3rd chapter the most

That's my fave line so far too. lol,It came to me when I was washing up of all things! I had to stop what I was doing and write it down so I didn't forget it!

ok you got my attention lol

do i need to sign up some where to give opions on stories?? or just leave them here??

Oh if i need to join send me the link so i can lol im a bit lazy as it is i hate reading from the comp i just think you should all just print an send them to me HAHA HAHA

I have NFI if you have to have an account to review or not. I have only given a review for Ferla and Feral's story BDU so far and that was after I signed up.

This is where you sign up and create a FF account and username.
Gah!! Sorry i haven't been on since starting this thing so slack of me! HAHA i'm so glad everyone's in on the idea!!! You dont have to be signed up to leave reviews on FF stories but some authors like to reply to their reviewers and in order for them to do that you do have to be signed up:)
Also it's just nice to see where the reviews are coming from:)
Dee has listed most of the really good fanfic already!
I cant wait to hear who likes what!
Oh and i heard news the other day that AngstGoddess who is the author for Wide Awake is hoping to finish it all in the next month or so. She's been really sick and busy with all sorts of other writing committments so it's been a while since the last chapter was posted. But the story will be at it's end with the next chapter and i'm not sure how i feel bout it....
She has bout 7 chapters written already though for her next story so cant wait for that!

Well Feral's having problems with her internet so Chapter 6 might take longer than we hoped:( i'm sure we'll catch up:)
Well i'm off to read chapter 3 of Dee's story:) I'll have to put it on our alerts so i can keep up!!
Bright like the sun just updated tonight and i just read that chapter and OMG hopefully Ed's gonna get into a fight i love BIFF!!

ETA I just realised Bright Like The Sun isn't listed haha.
It's AH(all human) AU(alternate universe) OOC(out of character) Loosely based on Twilight. Bella moves to Forks with her dad, meets Ed in bio, has the nearly accident in the car park where Ed saves her but breaks her arm in the proccess. He feels so bad that he'll do anything to make it up to her...or is that just an excuse?

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Is Bright Like the Sun the one where Ed is photosensitive? I have been trying to remember what the name of it was,lol.

Will have to read the new chapter if it is the one I am thinking of.
I thought i'd write this in a seperat post sorry for taking up so much space but i just thought i'd do summarys for the great FF that Dee's listed so you can choose what sounds interesting to you:)

Although i've probly done this in the other thread just incase no one's seen it:)

CREATURE OF HABIT AU. Bella becomes the PA for the boss of a major company. Her boss is the ever elusive and extremely gorgeous, Edward Cullen. Edward may be the face of the company, but his real job is to watch over his city and the people in it. James is out to destroy Edward, his city and the people he loves...does this include Bella?

BELLA DOWN UNDER AU, AH, slightly OOC. This is mine and Ferals story! And of course we love it but it'd be great to hear your thoughts! When estranged from her parents, Bella is forced to move from Australia to live with her Uncle Billy and cousin Jacob in Forks. When she meets the beautiful Cullens, who are eager to befriend her, will she choose the family she never had or the love and friendship she truly desires?
We are review wh ores so please review and spread the word!!!

WIDE AWAKE AH, AU, OOC. Fist thing is be aware that this story is HUGE! It currently sits at 49 chapters long and it is VERY addictive so only read when you have time! Sorry cheeks but if you print it out that's ALOT of paper and ink haha!
Bella moves to Forks after a horrific incident at home that causes her mothers death. She lives next door to the Cullens. Bad boy Edward isn't exactly a favourite with the Forks townfolk, but when him and Bella find out they have something in common (insomnia) things get very interesting. WARNING LOTS OF UNICORNS!(orgasmic smut)

SEDUCING MISS SWAN Set after chapter 3 of NM. Edward leaves Bella and never comes back. She never sees the Cullens again. She moves on with her life and becomes an english teacher at a high school in NY. What happens when her vampire ex bf who she hasn't seen in 6 years becomes her new student? Warning the author takes a while to update:( avg bout 6weeks between chapters.

HYDRAULIC 5 is one of my absaloute faves right now!! AU, AH, OOC. Ed and Bella marry shortly after highschool but their marriage is short and they go through a very ugly divorce. Edward becomes famous for writing a vampire saga loosely based on their lives together. This makes Bella furious! After 6 years without seeing eachother how will they react to eachothers new lives?

And then there's Dee's Finding Home which i'm itching to find out more about so i cant even summary it for you sad coz i dont know yet haha!

Sorry such a long post!

For those who are interested in reading more of my FF, I will probably be uploading Chapter 4 by the end of today.

Ok it is up, a bit rough but meh! lol

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