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Centrelink / Boyfriend Lock Rss

I need some advice please as I don't want to get into any trouble with Centrelink!
I have been a single working mother for years, and I've recently started dating someone.
He works full time and has his kids most nights and I have my children full time.
He has his place and I have mine.
We don't share any financial aspects of our lives and we don't live together. He dies spend the odd night at my place. If we take the children out on a weekend, I pay for mine and he pays for his.
We are both divorced and are not ready to move into anything serious, definetely not ready to live together, but we do go on dates and have feelings for each other.
Do I need to tell Centrelink I have a boyfriend? When would I need to?

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I'm pretty sure it's only when u move in together that's when u have to tell them.

izacc,ethan and mya

I don't believe so. If you don't live together and don't share financial costs or obligations, then I don't think it should be of any concern to centrelink. If he spends more than 4 nights per week etc at your house, then you may want to check with t hem about their rules, however if it's just one or two nights on the weekend, i wouldnt worry about it.

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